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What Bike Shall I Get If I Can Do All The Basics And Learning Itermidi


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Penny farthings ***!

they are for those of us who are brave enough, theyre like a greased weasel on the back wheel,

try all are going to bring out some pimp parts for them, 46" drilled front rims, 12 inch rears, get some decent disk forks and a custom rear disc adaptor made up, then get a set of six pot hope disks and youll be set.

they are oficially the best things for gapping to front wheel, as they have so much of it!

or just get a monty as thats what everyones getting these days,

depends if you want a street or comp bike.


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I have a saracen Team urban 26" brought for £750.00 and now it has 140 worth of parts of it and it is only 5 months old i want around £400 ono

Email me for more info:


ooooh your a bad boy


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The best thing to do is to go straight to a really good bike because in the long run you will find that you improve quickly and it saves you buying a new bike later on. If you're looking for a nice light bike that easy to move about, then a Koxx or Monty would be a good buy. But these types of bikes aren't so strong and are renowned for snapping. If you're looking for a decent and really strong bike a Zoo Python or a Echo would be perfect. It's up to you what sort of bike you wish to have but take into account the sort of things you do when riding.


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if i where you id go for the zoo python at www.tartybikes.co.uk the frame is £350

if i where you id go for the zoo python at www.tartybikes.co.uk the frame is £350

It's £300, and how the f**k's he gunna learn with only a frame?

if you want a mod got for a t-pro? (i think thats in your price range) the geometry on them is awesome (Y) just invest in some maguras asap =] my knowledge of stocks is minimal but the phase bikes look prety good for spec/price (Y)

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