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I am trying to link up my outlook express with an email adress, i don't have a clue how to use it, wll someone give me a step by step to add this email to outlook express.

It is already set up on the main computer i would just like the laptop to be able to send/receive emails from email address.

please bare in mind i don;t have a clue how to use outlook express.

cheers, Rorz!

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I remember it being a bit of a pain back when... but if I can figure it etc!

.... not all mail accounts can be run through it I don't think? Like yahoo / free ones etc! Could be wrong about that though!

.... now can someone tell me how to enable it so when I click a link in an email, it opens a page and goes to it? If you know off hand that is... to tired to go on a mega search!

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Dose anyone know if i can find all that information just from going onto the main computers outlook exspress?

Cheers, Rorz!

EDIT: I just need the password now, i know its seven letters long because i can see it on the main computers outlook exspress, but it wont let me copy it nd paste it. Dose anyone know were i can find the password?

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