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Something Rather Funny!

sam D

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Well, friend of mine (Rei) went to sheffield today with a Friend of his to ride, heard they had a good day untill Rei's, friend decides to go home early however Rei didn't want to so he stayed the rest of the day. On the way back he caught the train to worksop with Paddy, Paddy escorted Rei directly on to the right train at 18:21 which headed to mansfield where Rei Lives.

Rei asked the man on the train if the stop he was at was mansfield, the man replyed yes so Rei got off the train. He then realises it is not mansfield, it was actually Mansfield Woodhouse :lol: Rei jumps on his bike and rushes to the train to get to Mansfield. His Jeans got caught in the freewheel and he couldn't get to the train in time. The train sets off leaving Rei on his own in the dark at Mansfield Woodhouse's Station. He had to wait for minutes for the next train (N) Thats tad Unlucky.

Once back In mansfield, he has long ride home and a bollocking of his dad when he get's home for being late. He got home at 9:16


Don't know about you, but I found this rather funny :-



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All because of that dozy man he told a woman the wrong place as well, proper anoyin she wont shut up told me her life story, at the end of every sentence she would say you know what i mean. When i was on my own at the station i kept on hearing voices, things started to look like people.

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Extremly unlucky, wish I saw you get caught in your freewheel, wouldn't be able to maintain myself from laughing :lol: Laugh just thinking about it.

But seriously I was thinking the worst, really scared for you.


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Rei's dad was ringing me up considering that it was my fault for Rei getting lost :huh: All because I took another route to him.

His dad was going to go out searching at 9:30 if he wasn't back.

Good to see your ok Rei (Y) Was bit funny mind got to admit :lol:

Mike ;)

Sure is unlucky , how come the dad shouted? Surely if he explained his situation he would'nt of got to told off?But yeah tad unlucky!

If you new his Dad, you would understand Little more. :-

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