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Need A Part But Dont Have A Cnc?


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this place is really neat if you need a hard to fnid part or want something custom. Go to the site and download there program to design the part. send it to them, they machine it, and ship it to you.

They will also coat it in different things like chrome,anodize it, powder coat it.

can be done in a wide variedy of metals/plastics

also have instant pricing on the part you want

good idea for that thread where everyone wants an adapter to run disc on there mod.

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That is awesome!!

Great find dude, thanks a lot!!


Actually I'm finding that program piss hard to use. It's no good for designing complex things, why couldn't they go for a normal 3D interface like in ie. 3ds...

i used 3dsmax to export a .dxf and it came in fine,

You have to be quite careful about the construction of the object if you're doing that sort of thing - it doesn't like sharp corners for 3d milling so you have to fillet everything and it'll puke if you have overlapping or intersecting lines but the actual import seems pretty sound..

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