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Time For Change In Need Of New Rims....


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right i ride echo 06 silver rims on siver hubs 32 hole but its come to the point were my back wheel has seen much better days and my front is on the wonk, so im after new rims :) but im not sure what to go for i could ether sell my full wheels i have been offerd around £100 for both then save anougher £100 buy a pair of try-all wheels or do i keep my hubs buy new rims but im not sure what is strong and light and so on i ride a black ko bike and i was thinking of a change in wheel couler instead of silver maybe white or if i felt like being a tad tacky pink but they have to be 32 hole if i am to keep my hubs sooooo any sugestions as to what rim and what couler??? Any help much apreciated (Y)

cheers Jack :D

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if its definitly the rim you need to change, dont't waste money and change the hubs? my advice is use photoshop and see what looks good. If you decided that no matter what rim colour you get, the hub looks naff regardless THEN buy a complete wheelbuild

If it were me, id replace the spokes too as when i first started wheelbuilding I was told never to re-use spokes. But if they're not that old, and they're the right size theres no trouble using them again. Just remember you can get coloured spokes + coloures nipples too ;):D

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