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Well I just followed Alain to the pipes, don't exactly know the name of the place it is in.

But its in a brand new housing estate, near a pondish/lake, near a petrol station on the edge of Witham (as you go towards Chelmsford I believe).

Or Alain will be able to name the place.

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They were awesome though.

Also forgot about the walls outside chippy, I enjoyed that.

And up at the Spa road shops.

And Alain, that can of Coke that I bought up at the shops, well it burst in my bag.

And couldn't be arsed to fix the puncture, I just went down to the bike shop and got myself a new innertube. =D

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gavs pickin me up at 12 so should be there bout 1 i think i dont know lol cant wait

got camera so il get pretty piccys only problems i think i may have cracked/broken a few ribs so may be camera man today well see

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ok mate, meet me at the station at 1 then :) tpa is here so bikes working (ish)


my number is 07789687120 if you need to get in touch

looks like ive got a choice of being there at 12.35 or 1.35. ima go with 12.35, will see you when you get there :)

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