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Mod Gear Ratio


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i got my first bike on wednesday (a old megamo), problem is im not sure what the gear ratio should be, im used to playing onmy freinds zoot and my mod feels like the ratio is waaaay to low. i find it really hard to lunge onto anything higher than knees as i cant get the power to cover the distance and go up (even when im as close to the wall as possible when i start). ive resorted to having my left foot really high when i start so that i have more pedal rotation.

is this normal, am i being a spaz and what gear ratios do most people run? im currently running 16 at the front and 13 at the back using a front freewheel.

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Bikes like the onza t-birds and missions, that sort of crank style either run 22 or 24 on the front and 18 on the back ( being rear freewheel)

Mods running front freewheel ffw have 18tooth on the front and a fixed sprocket on the back with 12 teeth ( usually). :mellow:

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i am running 18 tooth freewheel at the front and a 12 tooth fixed sprocket at the rear. in my opinon i think this is the best gear ratio for a mod. all my mates are running this also on there mod's. if you were to change to this ratio you would certainly feel the benifits.

hope i have helped you.

cheers lou.

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