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'Not all square taper crank and bottom bracket combinations are compatible. Although nearly all spindles use a 2 degree taper, there are two competing standards for the thickness of the end of the spindle. The JIS size is used by Shimano and most other Asian manufacturers. The ISO size is primarily used by Campagnolo and other European manufacturers. Some manufacturers make cranks and bottom brackets to both specifications. The overall length of the spindle has no bearing on crank compatibility but does affect frame clearance, chainline, and Q factor.'

Anyone know the two thickness' of the end of the spindle?

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I think Sheldon might have the answer...

If its of use there are no trials cranks that I can think of to use the ISO taper!

Spent a good hour on there today looking but never came across it, it doesn't seem to be published but i'll just measure myself when I get back into college tomorrow. I just wanted to get some shit done today and needed that but worked on other aspects instead....

Thanks anyway adam...

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JIS appears to be 1/2" (all the caliper measurements I'm getting are around 12.72mm), but not got any ISO BBs here.


Your a star mate thanks a million, I'l see how that measure up against the one I have tomorrow.

I don't suppose you can confirm that it's a 2 Degree taper aswell? 2 Degree's referanced from the centre plane of the axel, 4 degrees from the opposite face? Again, that's something I want to check against the example I get tomorrow. I might even end up calling you guys to order one......

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From memory... Campag BBs had the same (or at least very similar) axle, but the taper was a lot sharper, and the length of the taper was significantly less.

For what it's worth. Campag:




My god, this is way off topic... Will read more carefully in the future!

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