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  1. Cheers GAZZA! How and where can I order? Do you ship to South Africa? IS there a website I can research a bit on regarding these frames (Price)? ( GEO and BB Sizes etc)? Comparing these frames to the other "Popular" brands like Onza, Koxx etc, how strong are these frames compared?And associated weight? LOOKS BLOODY AMAZING!
  2. Why can't I see the pics? Can't even see the pics in the link in the first post.... I HAVE TO SEE THE PICS!!!!
  3. Real nice bike there Adam - I know it's quite late though How is the Limey treating you so far? I'm considering getting one, but just doing some research about the frame? Any thoughts regarding if I should get one based on strength etc? GEO is awesome, just not sure about it's strength...? Looks good
  4. Real sweet looking bike there! When did you get the frame? Where did you get it from? I'm considering getting a Limey 3, how is it performing thus far? The design and looks of the frame is probably the best in my opinion, but I've come across some that have cracked etc... Does your's have the hole in the frame for the brake line?Because that's where the cracked.. So would you recommend it from your experience? Cheers dude
  5. Dave, really nice bike man!! I'm in the process of buying a frame in the next 3 weeks and seriously considering going for the Limey 3. Please give some feedback and info regarding the frame?Strengt, GEO etc.. Thanks!
  6. Canard, i'm really considering going for the Onza Limey, how did your frame crack? So would you not recommend it? PLEASE give some feedback regarding the Limey! Also, how is the Control treating you compared to the LImey?
  7. Canardweb I'm seriously considering getting the Onza Limey 3 in the next 3 weeks, what exactly happened to it to cause it to crack? Would you recommend this frame? Or should I stay away? Damn, I really like this frame, awesome GEO and looks the business! What frame did you go for?
  8. Really sweet bike JT - Glad to see you made a plan with the "length deficiency"! Got any idea how much it weighs? What's your wheelbase as it's set at the moment? What's your GEO as per pic?
  9. Yup, that's the Idea, try and save some weight on parts that are not likely to break as a result of the weight saving! I'll definitely change the Louise for the Hope Mono (Don't know if the Hope Carbon Ti is owrth the extra cash), go for the Try Al Super Light cage pedals and change to the Try All 3D forged stem. The thing is I don't really like the Yaabaa at all, the Rockman ISIS is quite appealing to me, very nice GEO, and it looks much better than the Yaabaa! All those frames are relatively the same weight, but unfortunately I don't have a clue how strong those frames are...? So at this stage I just need to know which frames are most likely going to break, and which ones are the stronger of the group..Onza Limey 3,Rockman ISIS,Yaabaa, ECHO Control (Any other recommendations?) SO: Seems like a 1095 - 1100; 35 -45 and 380 would suit me best?, and noticed most riders prefer a GEO similar to that. 1. Onza Limey 3 --- Might be a little too short, don't know if it is strong enough (No one seems to know if it's a strong frame) th GEO seems fine though? - TOP OF MY LIST IN THE LOOKS DEPARTMENT 2. Yaabaa --- Don't like the Yaabaa (Ugly Colour and very thin tubing makes it look flimsy) Although people seem to be quite pleased with it... Seems like a budget frame and can afford something a little bit "better" 3. ROckam ISIS --- Probably second in the LOOKS DEPARTMENT, really nice Geometry -- Don't know if it's going to be strong???? 4. ECHO Control --- Geometry also good, looks average --- People seem to be fairly please with it and it's quite light (Also don't know what the strength is like?) SO strength is very important to me! Any advice on strength on these frames? The Yaabaa would probably be the best "All Rounder" by the sound of the opinions, but what's the next best option, not sacrificing strength at all?
  10. Thank's for that PTB Why exactly would you choose the Zoo over the Yaabaa, besides the fact that you've got one...What does the GEO feel like?And compared to the Zoo? I'm starting to lean towards the Yaabaa, it looks very strong and stiff, but that's purely based on looks though.
  11. Scotty, that frame is one seriously good looking frame! Love the minimal graphics and the beefy look!! PLease don't go and put lame stickers on it! If you've had a couple of rides on it, which I'm sure you have, how does it handle? I know it's a 1090,but wonder how much of a difference a 1100 frame would make.Reason for asking is I'm undecided between the Rockman Isis and this awesome looking Onza Limey..The Rockman ISIS is 1100 and 45 BB height. What is your height because I'm 6.1" and the Onza might be too short for me? Also some say the Rockman is not as strong as this Onza... What do you think I should go for? Again, awesome looking bike!
  12. My apologies if this might be a slight high jack, but think it's relevant... Adam, whilst you here, I've sent an email to Tarty Bikes with some questions as I'm looking at buying a complete bike from Tarty's in the next 3 weeks, but haven't received anything back yet. So here is a very condensed version: Looking at the "Try All Bike Kit" - Would it be possible to change some of the components in the kit and obviously just pay the difference - I'm wanting to upgrade some of the parts? And secondly, is there not any type of discount for big orders with regard to shipping? I'm in SA and the shipping alone is 150 Pounds for a possible 1300 Pounds order?
  13. Rockman ISIS -- I quite like the Rockman's geo, especially since I'm 6.1'' I would think that I wouldn't be comfortable on a shorter GEO bike (The ROckman is 1100,38 and 45 which sounds like a nice package all together.??). But in previous posts I have read, some members actually say that the "Rockman's break too easily compared to the Onza Limey 3". The frame does look nice though! Yabbaa -- Don't know a lot about the frame, can anyone give some feedback about it's geo and strength etc? I would think that the triangular tubing gives good rigidity! I read somewhere on the forum that people are quite pleased with it... Thank's for the advice , would like some concrete comparisons though between the frames in the list that you guys are familiar with. Thanks for the Validation HDMACK! We'll, the Onza Ice frame isn't on Tarty Bikes,and As I've said before, I'll have to vhoose from what available at Tarty's... I assume then that a Horizontal drop out Frame would be the wiser choice then...? Don't know about you all, but the Onza Limey 3 really does it for me!!! DO you guys think I should rather post this topic in the Trials Chat section, might get some more exposure there Thank's to you too Duncan.
  14. Anyone? Which frames do you guys prefer from my list of possible frames, regardless of the price...Most importantly it must be strong without major weight compromise.
  15. Thanks JT -- In the Try All kit, I am considering changing the following (Obviously the changes don't come free, would you say the changes are worth the extra money and a good change at that?): 1. Try All Rage BAr 09 to Try All Carbon Series (It's quite a bit wider and about half the weight) 2. Try All Aluminium Cage Pedals to Try All Ti MAgnesium Cage Pedals (Also half the weight) 3. Considering changing the MAgura Louise to Hope Mono Trial (Possibly 180 or 200 Rotor Size?) 4. The Try All Reinforced rim (REAR) to Onza Comp Series (They a bit lighter, but don't know if they are actually stronger?) As for the Frame choices: 1. Onza Limey 3 (Really Like the look of the frame, but don't know if it's strong and durable) 2. Yabaa Stinger 3. Zoo Piranha (Same Geo as Onza) 4. Rockman ISIS I don't know if I should go for a VErt Drop Out or Horizontal -- Most people seem to be leaning towards horizontal?Would I not actually use a snail cam on a horizontal drop out, and would I need some type of tensioner with a hor. drop out?