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  1. Still reading the comments, but really didn't want to miss the opportunity to express how truly awful every attempt he makes at marketing is. That takes the win for me, just quit this ridiculous you tube game. do demos like every other trials rider trying to make a living.
  2. Merry Christmas kids, you're all aces in my book.
  3. bike videos for one..? embrace the present.
  4. Redbull must have a guy who's job it is to churn out hats.
  5. Christ remember that big ass Nottingham trials battle?
  6. we should set a date
  7. I promise to ride on a beautiful day like that, when its raining upwards i'm not going to bother.
  8. It's far to bloody cold and wet for that nonsense at the moment.
  9. Guys called Dominik puffer, but cant find anything else from him
  10. https://www.pinkbike.com/news/mastering-tricky-trials-moves-and-steeps-in-try-it-all-2.html
  11. Dust off, pump up tires, build, service. Get a flat, go home till next year. Ahh The life of a grown up trials rider. I may whip out my ornamental TGS bike i bought a month ago.
  12. I didn't realise Duncan was that good, Danny does cast a big shadow i guess.
  13. agreed, Aurelien has always looked amazing on his bike, still manages style points despite going huge, compare him to vince, who pretty much just gets the job done.
  14. Nice to see some riding for a change rather than some horrendous click bait shite
  15. Theres quite a few Multi posts in the Video section, are people being idiots or is there an issue?