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  1. Godzilla Vs Kong was gratuitous with is monster-fighting
  2. There’s only so many Instagram clips I watch from the same village. It’s beautiful but there is no more content to be had here https://www.instagram.com/reel/CNF04dSiWS6/?igshid=1u9egxin66kr2
  3. must be a euro thing, like disco music in UCI videos
  4. No no Random stranger. Thank you.
  5. it was mod stock something something originally i think
  6. Seems a big fuss, considering brakes are already pretty spot on now
  7. 2003! https://web.archive.org/web/20030204014716/http://www.trials-forum.co.uk/
  8. Didn't onza sell this years ago on one of their rims? @Adam@TartyBikes do you remember this?
  9. So has anyone had a good straightforward experience when buying a house? all i see are nightmares
  10. If I had to down a pint now, I think id collapse, let alone play a drinking game.
  11. I would have thought a huge company like Marin, for example, to start churning out good well-priced street trials bikes would just write off the little guys, I mean is it as easy as them buying an inspired and pressing CTRL C - CTRL V? Also whilst we're on the subject, how the bloody hell can crewkerz stay alive, there are just not that many people buying super high-end UCI bikes is there? I'll assume I'm wrong, maybe as I'm not so much "in" the sport anymore, but I can only think of a few Uk riders that have them
  12. Which company has taken on Canyon?
  13. This feels very personal. I'll assume the money being thrown at both Danny and Fabio is huge, I've also never really thought about what little these brands are doing for the sport, which is exactly zero. Hey can I buy that bike? "no don't be daft, but here's a big £10,000 bouncy bike instead"
  14. Inspired lost another good athlete, shame really, seems they keep losing them left right and centre
  15. He just wants to be redbull like his mate