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  1. I f**king loved my t mag, it was a bunny hop machine
  2. Pretty sure they work of the premise that not many people actually understand any of the numbers on they're meter.. octopus tried to charge me £800 once for a month, turns out the day and night digits had switched place... Get f**ked every energy company ever, they all seem dead nice when some twat in the bristol office who uses a hammock instead of a chair gives you his first name. Get f**ked Glynn
  3. I can't find much info about them, the only part that makes raise an eyebrow is when they fill the 15foot pool with a 2-litre bucket.. one at a time.
  4. Isn't it cool a trials bike has such "standard" parts on it..
  5. no one has ever bought a mongoose, it never made sense
  6. Well goodness me, that does add up.
  7. I think I convince my self what I want to be true. Bit of an odd example I watched justice league recently (awful) and decided to google who was faster the flash or superman. After loads of ridiculous fictitious nerd maths, I decided to side with the story that superman was quicker. why? probably because I wanted it to be true? maybe that plays into it? i *I have been drinking
  8. A bold statement dude, There are not many MTB riders that hit that milestone, I believe Aaron Gwinn was on similar dough as a multi-world cup winning rider, let's not forget exactly how much £1,000,000 actually is. I've no idea what Redbull pay, I'm pretty sure nobody does to be honest, maybe it works on views and hype, I'm honestly not sure, for example, Thomas ohler (sp?) is a Redbull athlete I can't imagine he's on the same paycheck as fabio. But are canyon going to be throwing that much at him? also his clothing brand? i mean the world of MTB is pretty small, and I've never seen a sick series item in the wild.. Its all very interesting and i want to know everything as a nosey bystander
  9. money money money mate, the guys at canyon can look at his inspired and go " yer we can knock one of these up exactly the same mate" and we'll pay you more money? sam pilgrim has a similar thing with Haibike, Danny with Santa cruz..
  10. Hmmm, I've heard rumours of madison..? I don't think pace can offer him enough of a range to play with.
  11. I came here for mike beck, imagine my disappointment when I settle in for the next episode only to realise its not even him. Truly gutted
  12. And here's me with regular scissors like an idiot
  13. Joe Don't get involved..
  14. Have a day off jack you weapon.
  15. I cant believe this is what we had to live with as far as video quality was concerned, ive got around 100 cd's full of old TF videos but no means to play a disc anymore..