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  1. I think it's going to be a very long time before the weight issue rectifies its self. bear in mind a decent "normal" MTB is like 15kg, until they invent a battery that weighs nothing its going to be 20-25kg as the norm. Most flagship full sus E bikes this year are actually heavier than previous years due to the battery getting bigger, 625kwh has been on most bikes for some time and Norco just dropped a 900kwh which is 4.57kg on its own! I'm debating a hardtail, as it'll be more efficient should I want to put some longer miles down, but the only thing stopping me is the price tag.
  2. First meeting with the mortgage advisor..
  3. Why did Jack sound not English after his UCI win interview? (again not angry, we really need the question thread back)
  4. I've ridden them in the past, but today I commuted home on one, around 16miles, which took just over an hour, and had a great ride on the way home, took the scenic route and had a blast. I'm very much not into my climbing, years of smoking at university and a shit leg means that almost any hill I come across will result in legs feeling like they will explode so I'm 100% pro E bike. What about you chappies?
  5. E bikes will require some sort of license and likely be pumped up to 25mph rather than the 16.6mph they currently are considering the rest of the word is currently at 20mph
  6. It weird how nobody has posted the UCI world cup video, not really angry, but we dont have a middle ground
  7. Thanks mate, The edges are sanded down with 240 - 2000 grit then a bit of wax and leather finish, then I creep up to 10,000 grit as well as a burnish stick (slippy wood) by comparison to some other guys my edges fall way short the guy I've linked to below is beautiful https://www.instagram.com/reel/CSLlEZUhq-T/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  8. Finished these two recently, love that green stuff.
  9. Mrs had a out of the blue seizure, spent 7 hours on A&E and wasnt allowed in with her. so had to stand outside for the entire time, disgraceful. Got a call yesterday from our storage company, can i please come check my unit.. Go down there and notice the ceiling has come in and flooded the storage unit that has all of our stuff in it whilst we house hunt. so its all f**ked. now i have to do the insurance dance. not a great two days.
  10. whats changed at youtubes end to have such an adverse effect?
  11. guy at work had covid, had to shut down for ten days, nobody else has tested positive on both lat flow and PCR. now I have 8 days of doing f**king nothing. plus it's a sunny Saturday and id love a beer, but can't go to the shop. boo.
  12. 2 hours left. see above. also, we are not a very happy bunch are we, june 15th last post!
  13. i heard they were doing the whole rock up and get a jab thing in a village near mine, so i jumped right on that as I have a holiday planned a few days before my second jab was due, which would have been shit
  14. i need to a see a full shot that
  15. 60,000 people had a big ass street party last night and I cant go sit on the beach in Spain with a cerveza.