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  1. That's f**king huge isn't it?
  2. Another f**king lockdown on the horizon, just got back into the swing o the gym and its likely closing again, I'm gutted. Back to waking up in my bedroom going to work in my bedroom, and repeat.
  3. For the life of me, i could not see those books until I saw the photo of the books below. that was odd
  4. There's an app called tapa talk that sort of localizes forums, I used it for a couple, but I believe that would involve shifting the entire forum to a different platform, which seems a costly process, I'm not even sure who pays for this place now? tartybikes? You are right though, Facebook groups never work in the same way a forum does, unfortunately. Also yes i agree with crap tailwhips and terrible 360s
  5. You did well to get a bike! I was trying to flog one of mine but seems impossible to get another now, talk bikes arriving with shops late 21.. madness
  6. What’s kenny done to be some dam successful? (I know, I’m just striking conversation) in the bicycle world, trials riders arnt exactly big earners, kenny and Hans Rey seem to be the exceptions, maybe Fabio and Danny too I guess? a link popped up for some incredible bealay holiday homes which made me think, that plus the 6 beers.. https://instagram.com/casabelaey?igshid=158mu37cy0ven
  7. Oh Jesus.
  8. that was a lot less of a fun answer than I wanted. How about microwaves? there dangerous right? 5G Masts?
  9. I refuse to ever sell anything on FB market place again when I sold a TV stand for £20, the guy arrived with £15. I was so close to just jumping on it out or principle
  10. Also it was a shite bike. worst geo ever.
  11. made that mistake when riding an XL Nicoli, it was like flipping a telephone pole. Basically had no idea what was going to happen and did exactly as I would a normal wheelie. nope WRONG. do not do that
  12. Anal, aren't you due a covid vaccine conspiracy topic?
  13. Part of me wants to take this chance to really trim down our wedding guests and use it as an excuse for a super small wedding. sounds perfect to me.
  14. Anyone planning any weddings next year?