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  1. So is it aliens? I've Stopped catching up sorry guys
  2. It was mentioned in the commentary, i don't know if its always been like this in the last event? With regards to jack your right, its almost unfair, glad to see Sergei having a pop at the top place though
  3. Well i can get as far the video opening by browsing from Canada, but an error occurs.
  4. Well i've tried china, Azerbaijan, America, Russia and Bangladesh with no luck, all chosen at random, I'm not sure where to go from here.
  5. nope, I having no luck here *edited cause i was clearly drunk*
  6. whoopsie upsie?
  7. Such a great little bike, weird how at the time it didn't seem so stumpy.
  8. That terrifying Chain snap from rich
  9. Having a browse though some old riding videos and found this gem!
  10. "I find it hard to believe that 1000's of these massive pieces of stone where moved hundreds of miles over all sorts of terrain because it was the will of these Pharos. To me that's as similar as saying "God did it"." But groups of 1000's people for example can move a bloody big rock, it might take them a while but still entirely plausible. I'm all for saying Religion is bollocks but to put moving large rocks slowly in the same category as fitting 2 of every animal on earth on to a bloody boat is a bit daft.
  11. sadist
  12. You'd be surprised how quickly i would knock up a perfect granite box if someone threatened me with some old skool torture. People work harder when their options are death or not death i guess. Also Give We can do this out of stone, a bloody great big cube doesn't seem so great.
  13. Took a trip to Rome a while ago and did the whole popes house tour. Turns out the pope liked Michelangelo's work and said something along the lines of "your pretty good at sculpting, go paint that roof", despite having no idea what he was doing Michelangelo cracked on until the pope died. Michelangelo then buggard off to the other side of Italy, once the new pope was elected he just dragged him back to finish until his eyes fell in to his skull from working so much on his back. Moral of that story is that if you rich back in the day you could get people to do what ever the f**k you wanted, regardless of cost or loss of life. if you want a fancy roof or a bloody big sand triangle and you've enough wealth, its your call. History by Dave
  14. When mountain bikes became to broad of a sport for one world.