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  1. Get that coust dusted off, I'll convince Phil to build me and him some bikes.
  2. Full Story here, turns out it much MUCH worse than it looked https://www.pinkbike.com/news/florent-payet-out-of-leogang-world-cup-after-a-pole-struck-his-genitals.html "Hey everyone, just a quick update on what happened to me today. Everything was coming together nicely, I was really happy with the track and was enjoying riding the steep mud sections. Then the drama came. I went out of the track on a fast section about 30 seconds into the track. I was trying find some more speed somewhere else than in the wood and simply rode into a pole. I had probably done this a thousand times in the last 16 years that I have been racing World Cups. Normally I just bounce off and keep going. This time it was a bit different. The pole came back and whipped straight between my legs. It hit me with an unbelievable amount of pain. I still managed to ride my bike quite well down to the bottom of the track, but when I got to the pit the pain got really bad. We had a check down my trousers and there was lots of blood and some spare parts were hanging out that should have been tucked away safely. I needed to get to a hospital urgently. The doctors performed emergency surgery to save them and get them back in place and to save the chance to have children… The surgery was a success and the boys are back where they should be. I will need to wait and see what this experience has actually done to me emotionally as I was very close to losing them… This is the first time I have needed surgery without actually crashing on my bike and it has been a scary experience. I will keep the updates coming regarding my situation over the next few days, and let everyone know about my recovery when I have more information.—Florent Payet
  3. That was it, my mistake
  4. Handed my notice in, no more staring at the wall from home for me. Goooooooooooooooooo mental health.
  5. Hopefully Tahnee doesn't go balls out and fudge herself in the first race, and it would be really nice to see danny hart do well after mondraker basically dropped him out of know where
  6. Slingers old one? did you have one too?
  7. Had a dream so vivid, that i could hop whip i almost woke up and bought a BMX.
  8. I quite like this, whoops, oh shit wheres he going sort of video that keeps popping up. keeps me on my toes
  9. Only if he can get his hands on a T mag
  10. They look backwards compared to the bikes of old.
  11. Must be fate, i may as well have a QUICK look in the for sale section
  12. Charlie rolls makes me want a mod. I've fallen into this trap before and I think its safe to say i won't ride it like he does... Must. not. buy. monkey bike.
  13. Who the hell are fxn? im not angry, but this place gets the quickest responses, but if it helps I’m angry that I don’t know..
  14. She got taken on by Nukeproof in the end, so it's all good. but must be super worrying know that as you get older your window potentially closes for any employment
  15. Finally got on to this @Mark W and surprisingly struggled with quite a lot of it, did some digging and found this video that worked quite well. and you're right after only two days I do feel much better after doing it.