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  1. Fox through silver fish Also: www.rsfsus.co.uk/
  2. Can we all just stop and think about what is happening here
  3. Most modern MTB/DH frames are designed in such a way that anything over a 50mm stem would make a hash brown of the ride.
  4. It's actually saved on 3 hard drives. y'know just in case...
  5. First off you need to contribute some large side hops to Instagram that peaks their interest. Then once you deal with that bloke taking the piss out of you for being so white, will he throw money at you to side hop higher. Only then will he fly where ever you are in the world give you a bike and set up your vee brakes perfectly. The sport is different now. i enjoy it
  6. i dont think its a good idea for any of us to bring that topic back from the dead. #fricker#chloe#petewright
  7. How did Montys old steering lock work? on the 2008 xlite i think it was?
  8. Remember when we had a rate my GF thread. that was a weird time.
  9. I mean how many of these can they actually sell? UCI has become such a niche discipline now. With meastro giving bikes away to anyone with a pulse I just don't see how they can thirve as a business
  10. Is dre the only one left now? Well other than jack?
  11. I deleted it, then realised exactly how entwined facebook into almost every page I visit. which was turning in to a right hassle, so I opened up my account again and just deleted the app instead.
  12. This useless 13 year bump..
  13. yep. worth the 13 year bump
  14. some sweet looking 230's there..
  15. edit: god bless internet time machines https://web.archive.org/web/20090221215909/http://biketrials.com/bikes/index.shtml