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  1. Are you sure? Are you sure its not just because its a 24" orange bike? Ive attached some images, if you squint you can see subtle differences.
  2. This is by far the best event to watch, i believe kenny has a hand in the organisation f this event so its usually got great coverage and fantastic commentary
  3. Just make a fake account and fill it with trials riders, i have 4, i have personal one, one for art, one for MTB and one for trials, its just a case of selecting which account you wish to view, your missing out on some of the best videos of the year, albeit quite small videos, but they add up.
  4. Id love to if i was back in the north, im not sure what the format is? is there an event village, or more of a traditional Enduro race?
  5. That is a shame, it always looked like great fun, was the attendance to low this year?
  6. Seems like trials is one of the only things Social media hasn't helped, that being said the Single track forum is still rocking 3.8M posts..
  7. Didn't realise just how much these events were to put on, i wonder how much Events like koxx days cost!? they were the last big trials event i can think of? maybe dressler camp?
  8. 10/10 would tap.
  9. There's quite a few Facebook groups, but they arnt to active, not a huge amount of people are still using Facebook though. The best we can hope for is tarty bikes putting together little insta edits
  10. I've opted to not actually open said post, seeing as I'm at work haha Looking at some other post's we used to have some fantastic arguments though.
  11. in our defence it was 14 years 8 days and 16 hours ago..
  12. The fact we had this as a genuine hot topic, makes me laugh.
  13. We used to fuss about weird aspects of riding. #uberbump Work is slow today.
  14. I think Echo are still kicking about, they still have sponsored riders like andrei burton and TRA, maybe the other companies fizzled out, i think tarty bikes are still selling Czar though?
  15. This is for the UCI rainbow jersey if you don't follow the DH scene, should be an awesome race, The english have a strong chance of winning! https://www.redbull.com/int-en/tv/video/AP-1WNSQN26H1W11/womens-and-mens-dh-finals-en-lenzerheide