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  1. Have a day off jack you weapon.
  2. I cant believe this is what we had to live with as far as video quality was concerned, ive got around 100 cd's full of old TF videos but no means to play a disc anymore..
  3. Just sack of the vids dude, they dont seem to make you happy any more. Post a few clips on instagram like everyone else.
  4. Part of me always wanted a Vinco, despite it being absolute trash to ride.
  5. Hottest place on the web circa 2004 #bringbackfr!ka
  6. slow day at work + Web archive. Yes that is a post from Pete wright, and apparently someone was not a fan of Adam..
  7. Jesus Christ. where did this come from, I've not watched anything of this guy yet, feel like I've been missing out.
  8. I'm sorry, I've missed all of this.
  9. Three things make me happy. Anything Mike beck posts The constant stream and mild racism money spending and overall entertainment from the Maestro trials guy who keeps buying trials riders and wondering if jack carthys orange has ever actually seen a hill.
  10. UPDATE: it lasted 2 months.
  11. Cor blimey.
  12. I'm happy that we have a full TF argument in the making, ahhh the old days.
  13. Fox through silver fish Also: www.rsfsus.co.uk/
  14. Can we all just stop and think about what is happening here
  15. Most modern MTB/DH frames are designed in such a way that anything over a 50mm stem would make a hash brown of the ride.