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  1. Luckily i can't find anything on eBay, if I can make it through the next month it'll get cold and grim again...
  2. maybe nothing garmin at the moment..
  3. More of a happy conflicted post... Ali c's dammed videos have turned me on to building a bike again, I thought I kicked the habit, but that Gt build pushed me over the edge, I think this Norco vid is going to seal the deal
  4. im just sitting here waiting for bargains come winter
  5. The pictures in the news of the pubs are a mess, Time to settle in for another lock down
  6. As long as you keep making videos ill remain happy. f**king great as always.
  7. You slipped the net, don't you worry champ, keep on vloggin'
  8. Trials "vlogs" ergh, stop it.
  9. Still in love, even though she bit me tuther day and now I can't walk.
  10. slipped a pedal 30ft from my door, seem to have put my self back to February post-surgery and my ankle is huge. I am less than happy. Also work is really starting to get to me at the moment, having a day off and having no other team members to manage my emails is a joke, I have one day off and come back to a shit show.
  11. ill check him out, cheers for the advice dude
  12. I've tried in the past and I really struggled to get on board with the idea, I felt like I wasnt pushing my self far enough for fear of damage, Does your mate have a website or anything? is he qualified or just a bendy bloke on the internet?
  13. That seems like a red flag, if one of my Ex bikeshop bods turned up to poke me with needles id be off. there's mixed reviews in here, maybe the old fashioned way is still the best way to go
  14. Be quick! there's talks of bikes drying up soon! every one (finally) has gone bike crazy
  15. I'm looking at using a pretty reputable physio business, not some old bod on the streets, I'm hoping to get some relief so I can start work on physio, sort of a head start on it.