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  1. Aye its a fun spot.
  2. Yeah man sounds good, Im out riding most weekends, give me a shout.
  3. Cheers Ross
  5. Thanks dude.
  6. Cheers Ross
  7. Thanks dude
  8. For my first year film at college, I decided to make a short doc with Joe Urquhart, The film looks at how he got into trials and his story. Any feedback appreciated.
  9. Yh, I get that there is a risk especially with younger kids or new riders that there is chance they could crash and potentially cut themselves on a rotor. hopefully if the UCI make discs legal then maybe the skatepark will .
  10. They let MTB bikes in as long as they're single speed which I can see why. However if I rode brakeless theyd have no problem letting me in.
  11. St Nicks roof is one of the better spots.
  12. It's more just having somewhere to ride in winter.
  13. Yh that's the reason me and my friend have been given, I think stunt pegs could do as much damage though as they stick out more.
  14. My local indoor skatepark (Transition Extreme, Aberdeen), doesn't allow bikes with disc brakes in for health and safety reasons. Every other indoor skatepark though in Scotland seems to have no problem with them. I was wondering what the policy with local skateparks near you is, do they allow bikes with disc brakes in ? if they don't what reasons have they given you ?