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  1. Enjoy
  2. Riding by Dani Comas, Clement Moet, the Portugal trials team, Cesar Canas academy and me
  3. Thanks! Always welcome to visit
  4. worth a read
  5. yea the dynamic range is definitely noticeable no matter where the video is viewed.
  6. yea it was a bit of a pain
  7. it's 24fps, so that might be why
  8. Kevin Minato recently got a Canon 5D Mk3 fo work, so we decided to take it out and test the RAW shooting capabilities. Magic Lantern team allows 5Dmk3 to shoot 30 raw 1920x1080 DNG files per second, similar to a fast burst mode. This cures the lack of detail that plagues Canon DSLR footage, and achieves unbelievable dynamic range.
  9. Chris has been riding better than ever on his Rockman Manus 3, so we decided to capture some of his new lines on camera. This is also the first time I've pushed myself since my injury. I managed to do some lines that I wasn't able to do before. Enjoy! How do I embed the video to my post?
  10. thanks for the positive comments
  11. Shot this in one day with John last week. Enjoy