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  1. Need some opinions on my M4 Exhaust. It's completely stock at the moment. Would you recommend doing Decat Downpipes or Secondary Decat. I'm just looking to get more noise and a deeper tone. I didn't want to go the Couple of thousand £ for a mid pipe and backbox just yet Cheers Oak
  2. Need a bit of advice! I've got some chrome plastic wheel inserts but its peeling. Does anyone know How I can respray them? I don't know the procedure to spray Chrome. I'm just trying to get the car into good enough condition to sell it. I would love to get some new one but Lexus wanted to £35 each I need 7 peices. Any help would be great! Cheers
  3. The other option is a Alias 20.1 frame.
  4. Hello I'm looking for some gloves for winter. Now that it's starting to get cold my hands are getting aches while riding. Cheers Oak
  5. I've also noticed this also. Before I stopped trials back in 2008 it was still growing, Never thought trials would be this quiet! I've only been back on since near to the end of the year of 2016 I remember back then the Members organised rides section was non stop it had a ride somewhere almost every weekend. I have to say I miss the massive group rides that I had gone to such as Reading, Bristol and Oxford! Oak
  6. Does anyone have experience with a Samsung 144Hz Quantum Dot displays? I'm looking into a new display but not sure what to get. Cheers
  7. MT7's can take a lot of abuse in my eyes. You see Ali C and Danny Macaskill running them. Apart from the moment Ali C putting most if not all his weight on his lever then it snapped the lever but apart from that I'm thinking it'll take a lot more abuse!
  8. I'm also from around the area
  9. Yeah I'm still in bridgnorth. I'll pop up to Telford if you like. Though I've never ridden Telford
  10. Thats not a spacer thats the bolt it self! I've cleaned the caliper and every so often I'll go to have a look and theres still a little bit of oil leaking out of it. On the caliper under the bleed bolt its slightly raised so it may look like a spacer but it's not
  11. Banjo and around it is completely dry! The only ting I can thing of it the bleed bolt but that rather tight too
  12. It seems I may have some leakage left the bike for a week or two, went for a short ride and found my lever keep pulling back further and further. Bleed bolt is rather tight not sure where it even came from! has anyone else had this issue before? In the picture I did wipe some of the oil off with my finger to see if it was oil. cheers Oak
  13. I'm also thinking about changing my front MT7 to a MT6. now they've fully bedded in its having trouble with modulation! Mine have been fine so far no leaks yet. Another side note is I really like how Magura has the same bolt size for everything! makes life easier Oak
  14. I have better clearance using the 4 individual pads than the 2 pad config! I like having rub free set up but with pad rock and loud clunks when landing Id stick with the 2 pad config! Oak
  15. @niconj I have my MT7's it's still rubbing a bit on mine but haven't ridden it much brakes are good, bought some Trialtech MT5 pads for it glad I did! Now I don't have to hear a big clunk when I land, im now looking for a MT4 calliper for the front! MT7 front does an amazing job though! I've also found the The standard 4 individual pads have a tad bit for clearance than the 2 pad configuration.