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Heatsink "Konig" Pads



1) Pad moulded in the UK rather than the Far East for the very best quality.

2) The most sophisticated processing control equipment used for unbeatable compound and dimensional tolerances

3) Softer than the White pads, harder than the blue - Thanks to improvements in processing technology the Heatsink Spec developed from 1 year of testing is hit bang on!

4) UK assembled into brand new "Power Pad" backings

3) All bikes, all rims. One pad to rule them all.

Status: Red pairs tested to exhaustion. 2nd batch expected 16th of May.

Release Date: TBC - Subject to universal test rider approval

Rider Feedback to date:

"These pads are wicked! My friend felt my brake and now he wants some"

"Awesome power, no brake slip whatsoever in the wet or dry."

"We arrived at the comp on monday and it was chucking it down. First 8 sections in the pouring rain and no brake slippage, this is even when I left my bike on its side and water was pooling on the rim. I was completely confident, none of this wiping crap off the rim that I used to do with Koxx Bloxx!"

"They are incredibly well made."

"They are amazing, the best brake pads I have ridden."

"My riding has improved since I put them on, and I trust my bike more."

"Get them released and for sale ASAP!!!!"



+ Grip performance is spot on

+ Many very satisfied riders using these pads on smooth rims where the life is excellent.

- Wear rate on a grind is more than I'd like for excellent value for money. Similar to Zoo pads with the excellent braking but compromise on life on aggresively ground rims.

-> Have just received first Honey pads in more expensive high durability compound! For details, copy and paste the following link into your browser: http://www.trials-forum.co.uk/forum/index....cmd=si&img=9251

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Thanks for the offer! I've just released a controlled number out for testing thanks.

I'm sure you'll be putting them through their paces at some point in the future smile.gif

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Simple way to find our, Terror_Error:

Have you had a pair of test pads?

If the answer is "No", then no, you aren't a tester.

If the answer is "Yes", then yes, you are a tester tongue.gif

Looks cool anyway, Steve. Hope you make these pads a decent depth too, fed up with having a sketchy set-up with my back brake 'cos pads are too thin to reach in sad.gif

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Hi Rob (Terror-error)!

There is indeed a pair with your name on it I'd like you to test smile.gif I've got a second batch of evaluation pads coming since I want to be very thorough with my testing before release. I've Pmed you with timescales.


The pads will have 8mm of pad which I've found is the maximum you can have and still fit the majority of brake set-ups. I would have 10mm if I could for the best value but this has proven too wide for many people's set-ups and cutting pads down is tricky to do if you don't have the equipment!



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Hey Steve, iv now been testing these pads for a few days now, they are absolutly amazing!! they grip all the time, and all my mates have been saying they are awsome compaired to their koxx bloxx and zoo! pads.

The wear rate isnt too bad, but they have wore about 2mm in the time i have been using them. I have been running them on a really rough grind, and they grip amazingly.

Will definatly been perchasing some when they are released and when these ones run out!

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Hi Steve, i've ridden these Konig's for about 14 hours now, on a dead grind. Amazing grip in all weather, i was bored on friday so i decided to do some trials in 9" deep river (strange i know..) anyhoo they even gripped in't water. Also there is barely any sign of wear yet.

They are 10000% top notch all round. Are they £12 or £14? I've heard rumours of £14.

I think now you've got me for life with these pads, no others compare!

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