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  1. I can't get over how good you are man. I didn't expect to see you ride that good this quick
  2. I'd love to get another bike mate, once I got a car and that sorted I'm going to think about a new bike.
  3. Oh..My..God.. Abdab pal, remember me? You have got SO good now man, there lots of CLS lines in there, so so good man. Cya
  4. I win the big kiss though I answered first
  5. its a volkswagen passat. for definate
  6. It takes practice mate and to be honest it didn't take me all that long, and thankyou for the comments. theres like 3% of really good ones on here uncluding mine, theres one I've seen that looks good cant remember whos it is but there realisticly is mine and his only worth puttin in here for realism.. corish
  7. Lmao! made me chuckle actually.. Corish
  8. Gilera runner.. The 50 version I'm not so sure about never rode one, but the 125 version aare fantastic, two stroke version is th best get a 172 kit and its say goodbye to subarus Corish
  9. Dont talk on here anymore really, but I'll show you my car that I've done. The picture has lost quality from resizing its a Honda Civic, could do a lot more to it but I like to keep them simple. Original Picture: My Photoshopped Picture: What you think? Cheers....
  10. You spelt YouTube wrong
  11. Well to be honest, if your going to go 120mph then whats problem going say 200mph? Either way your gonna die if you crash lol.. ------- Buck did you not have to do all the Engine Management??
  12. Haha. i know. Can't find it anywhere lol It was DJ Alfio and who else?? Do you know?
  13. It was in a video a while back of some people doing a competition, comp involved ben slinger and other top riders, anyone still have the song I think its DJ Alfio
  14. Ok sorry
  15. This is why I tried to sort it out in the first place. For the last time IT WAS NOT ME!