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  1. Where in Hastings bud? My girlfriend works at Haven so im up your way sometimes
  2. It was Vincent hermance's spec the geo is different to the original sky 3. It was listed on tartybikes a while back. Mines been resprayed in matte black. This is what it looked like as standard.
  3. +105 it's really high yeah. Takes some getting used to but it works so well. And yeah I think it is
  4. It does ride really well really strange at first compared to lower bbs
  5. Recently got back into trials with a few friends who used to ride years ago. Picked this up not long ago and I'm over the moon with it. Feels so light at a little under 8kg as I was used to a 11-12kg tank years ago before this. Bb rise took some getting used to at +105 but I've managed to get used to it now. Spec Frame and Fork - Frame: Koxx Sky 3 Vincent Hermance Edition - Fork: Echo Urban 2013 Wheels - Front hub: Try-All K2 Front Non-Disc - Rear hub: Try-All K2 Rear 116mm Non-Disc - Chain tensioner: Try-All 'H' Snail Cams - Front rim: Try-All K2 3.2 - Rear rim: Try-All K2 4.7 - Spokes: Triple butted front, double butted rear - Rim tape: Try-All, White - Inner tube (front): Kenda - Inner tube (rear): Kenda - Front tyre: Try-All Stiky Lite 20 x 2.0" - Rear tyre: Try-All Stiky Lite 19 x 2.5" Brakes - Front brake: Magura HS33, 4-Finger Blade - Front brake clamps: Try-All CNC - Front brake pads: Coustellier HS33 Pads - Rear brake: Magura HS33, 4-Finger Blade - Rear brake clamps: Try-All CNC - Rear brake pads: Coustellier HS33 Pads Drivetrain - Cranks: Try-All Expert ISIS, 160mm - Freewheel: Try-All 108.9, 18t - Rear Sprocket: Try-All Alloy Screw-On 12t - Pedals: Try-All Elite Single Cage - Bottom bracket: Try-All ISIS - Bashring: Try-All Symmetrik Steering - Headset: Try-All Sky 2 - Stem: Try-All 3D Forged, 150mm x 30° - Grips: Trialtech foam - Handlebars: Try-All Carbon Riser Geometry (confirmed by TartyBikes) Wheelbase: 1025mm (for both fork options) Chainstay Length: 362mm BB Rise: +105mm Head angle: 72° Reach (from centre of BB shell to top centre of head tube): 605mm Weight: 7.86kg (Echo forks) including pedals!
  6. It's a koxx sky, try all spec. Rides sweet. Completely different to my last trials. Only weighs 8kg! Where in Kent are you Scott?
  7. Picked up my bike yesterday. Getting back into trials anyone located near me?
  8. Saw a few riders in weymouth today, Seems like a really good place to ride, Im camping there atm!
  9. Theres a shop in gillingham in kent that sells onzas?
  10. take the wheel off, put it in a vice, tighten it slightly, Turn the wheel Just do it, Worked for me easy, will always be using this way
  11. To those who were wondering (probably nobody) Its sorted now, Ended up being naughty and going for a little spin but sorted it out this morning just had to phone up dvla and tell them its insured, didnt have to pay tax as i already had the disc and it was in date.
  12. All this sorn stuff is so annoying, They could of made it a bit easier.. I did phone them before to ask them if they would carry it on after its insured, Il give them a phone tomorrow
  13. £80 but its got 6 months instead of 12, Meaning £41
  14. Its licence not due, Deffo sorned it though
  15. Its insured and has a tax disc still in date, so im guessing its taxed