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  1. Hi all. I’m running a pair of mono mini’s on my orange and the performance is underwhelming. The pads in them are old and most likely past their best, so what’s the best pads to go for as an upgrade? I know mono minis aren’t the most powerful brakes ever but even a slight improvement will do until I can afford to upgrade the whole setup. Picture of my five for anyone who’s curious! Thanks.
  2. Looks slick mate!
  3. Thanks. I hadn’t heard of it at all until my friend got it, they don’t seem to be very common! Quite an odd geo even by today’s standards.
  4. Recently picked this up from a friend for a good price, fair to say it’s the polar opposite of what I’m used to riding. Only been out a couple of times on it but it already feels very easy to manoeuvre and throw around! The crazy high bb makes for an interesting feel but it’s something I can see myself getting used to.
  5. Double post.
  6. I’ll check that out, and yeah I think I’ll stick with 26" as it’s just a case of swapping the bits over to a new frame.
  7. I can’t see the picture for some reason! Not sure if it’s just me.
  8. Ah yeah that’s a good point, I hadn’t noticed that. I’ll give thoses sites a try and see what I find. And yeah I’d be interested, I’ll pm you. Thanks.
  9. Hey guys. A few months ago I wound up with a ‘09 Boardman pro. The frame is 20” and I’m only 5ft 6” so it’s a bit on the tall side for me. Ive been looking for a new frame but I can’t seem to find a great variety, and with the bike being 26” I’m struggling to find frames that aren’t 27.5”- does this matter? And would it be a case of just buying new rims and lacing them to my current hubs? Alternatively if anyone here has a 26” medium sized frame going (17-18”) then I’d be interested in doing a deal. Thanks!
  10. The extra spacing with the 150 hubshells is in between the non driveside flange and the disk mount, so the disk mounts will have to go but that’s not an issue really as I don’t use disk brakes.
  11. Is there a write up on how it’s done anywhere? I’ve got a 150mm pro 2 evo knocking around that I wouldn’t mind trying to convert.
  12. Hahaha that’s amazing
  13. Amazing as always!
  14. I’ve got a bb7 with a shimano 203mm rotor and trialtech pads, and it’s mad how powerful it is. I don’t believe I’ve even ridden it enough for it to be fully bedded in yet and it’s more than capable. +1 on the hope adaptor, don’t mess round with anything else!
  15. No I didn’t, I bought them that way. They were secondhand though so I’m not sure what state it was in before. It seems a bit lacklustre no matter what I do with it at the moment, so I’m going to try a Maggie to see if that sorts it!