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  1. Hahaha that’s amazing
  2. Amazing as always!
  3. I’ve got a bb7 with a shimano 203mm rotor and trialtech pads, and it’s mad how powerful it is. I don’t believe I’ve even ridden it enough for it to be fully bedded in yet and it’s more than capable. +1 on the hope adaptor, don’t mess round with anything else!
  4. No I didn’t, I bought them that way. They were secondhand though so I’m not sure what state it was in before. It seems a bit lacklustre no matter what I do with it at the moment, so I’m going to try a Maggie to see if that sorts it!
  5. I’ll get a pair and give them a go. Thanks!
  6. Currently running a vee with inspired pads on a polished spank stiffy, gonna make the switch to a Maggie as I need a bit more bite, what pads would work best? I normally never get it right with pads so any advice would be great.
  7. Can you not drive there, or get public transport? Or am I missing something?
  8. So easy to watch, really enjoyed that!
  9. Exactly my thoughts as I heard the cams clicking
  10. About a month ago. I’ve made sure Both cylinders are free and moving evenly and they’re both an equal distance from the rim, very minimal buckle in the wheel.
  11. I have replaced them recently as they did exactly that, and I always make sure the opening lines up with the gap between the clamps too to ensure I don’t deform them again. Ive re-ground the rim and set everything up square again and it seems okay for now. I’m guessing it’ll go wrong again soon, then I’ll file the mounts and get hold of some washerless clamps to try and resolve it permanently!
  12. Yeah that sounds like a good idea, I did have washerless clamps on there but they didn’t line up well so that should sort it. And I’m using an echo sl rim, it’s alright but the grind does seem to go dull fairly quickly! I’ll get hold of some and go over it. Could’ve contaminated it with the tyre as I’ve had to repair a puncture recently. Thanks for the advice guys! I’ll have a go and see if it sorts it out.
  13. I have a hs33 on the back of an echo lite. Ive been toying around recently with my brake setup and I can’t seem to get it right. I’m running cnc rock blues on a fairly sharp grind with standard magura clamps. I’ve recently fitted a booster as I was getting a good bite but no hold, but now it’s lackluster again! It seems like every time I get it working well, it’s amazing, but then something always ends up changing and I’m back to square one again. Am I doing something wrong? I’m setting it up to the best of my ability but it never seems to work well, and I normally have to re grind the rim to get it working properly again. any advice would be great!
  14. I never tire of seeing your riding. So smooth it seems unreal at times. Nice work!