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  1. sorry mate got better deal and exactly what I wanted.

  2. are you interested then mate??

  3. its fairly long mate it isnt a speific frame because there was only 2 made for danny holroyd and i have 1 that 24sven sold instead:)

  4. Just wonder about wheel base is it long or short frame please mate:]

  5. yeh mate visit my pink bike page erm there is 2 or 3 more on there:)

  6. Do you have any nice pic`s at all? Thanks

  7. hi would you be interested in buying my 24seven trials bike???

  8. Pride comes with the snow:]
  9. mint bike mate! Well build. Beer opener just rocks:D.
  10. Got registered few days ago and wanted to say Hello to everyone! Actually Im trying to put myself back into the Bike Trial business again:]. Im from Poland but living in Uk since 2007. Used to do trial for 3-4 years but had a massive 3 years long break because of my moving to Uk obviously. So now Im looking to get new bike and start from beginning... Hopefully not so painful as it was for the first time:]. Matt