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  1. My premier is hanging up. Keep a eye on the downtube gusset for cracks.
  2. Really enjoyed the vlog. Shame i could not get there. Rode the 1st round at Seymour arena and still have a love for tradition venue comps. Being nearly 40 i to suffer with fatigue. Ha ha ha Hope to see both of you at next years.
  3. Sweet dude
  4. There is a few in andover. 15mins away. Could arrange a sunday ride or an evening if better.
  5. Whos that bloke on the orange maestro? ?
  6. National is at the "trials acadamy" site home of charlie rolls.
  7. Cheers dave. I see my issue was spelling. Feel a tit now.
  8. I have been searching for some videos of Michel "No War" Nowak riding stock. Any ideas would be grateful
  9. Sweet!
  10. Nice comp video. Is the guy on the black echo "inur"?
  11. really inspiring vid
  12. Didn't think was to bad. Made it to the end. Thought the flip about 5.30 was in the manure. Lol
  13. Try Search petr kraus sao paulo
  14. Really cool.
  15. sweet little vid and some nice spots.