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  1. I think I could count the amount of times I've ridden in the last 4/5 years on one hand! Anyway, here's a few clips riding an Onza Genesis for the second time after owning it for a year!
  2. Inb4 topic gets closed due to petty argument over power vs technique or TGS being crap. I'm sure I posted a topic about gym and nutrition and the benefits it would have on riding not so long ago... I think Damon is a great example of how someone can gain more height and distance on moves by using weights and diet to improve the power they can put into moves. In relation to the clips - he is a monster, I could watch clips of him ride over and over again. In my opinion technique and power are both equally important. If anyone wants to argue that squats, deadlifts and other explosive exercise have no affect on the power one is able to put into sidehops and gaps go for it.
  3. Big riding man, always liked Garys style! Sides and gaps are looking very big now - need meet up for a ride soon man!
  4. Looks like a tidy job, how are you tensioning the chain? Any plans on making this set up work with snail cams?
  5. Looks like a tidy job! Just thinking the hub looks as though it is slightly shorter on the driveside than none driveside, would there be any problems with the hub being off center/out of dish?
  6. Looks smart mate
  7. I will be game if I can sort out a bike, my frames a pile
  8. Great riding from both of you! Lookin forward to riding with you both soon
  9. Been having some real trouble with brake alignment and chain tension on my speedrace solo 2010 26" frame. I thought I would have fixed the problem by using a half link in the chain but now the wheel is pulled so far back that it the hs33 brake clamps be pulled all the way down and the slaves have to be positioned at a silly angle in order for the pads not to hit the tyre. Without the half link the chain is really tight and the snail cams cannot be used to tension the wheel. Another issue I found with this frame is that the brake mounts are do not have enough depth - the bolt bottoms out before it holds the brake clamps. Stripped one of the mounts as a result of this. Feel like i'm having a nightmare -has anyone had any similar problems? I don't particularly fancy using a sprung or spoke tensioner as then it would be pointless to be using a frame with horizontal drop outs.
  10. Last minute group ride, if your available you should come down. I have found loads of new spots! Meeting at Limestreet station at around 10 till half past.
  11. Bike looks awesome! Looks like you have the bar angle just right too for street - the stance of the bike looks mean! Believe me guys this rides really really nice, this build is light weight aswell considering the spec is solid. Don't knock it just because it isn't an inspired like pretty much every other 24" brakeless build!
  12. Frame looks really nice! Some trialtech high risers would really finish off this build nicely
  13. Alrite mate, you could either use 2 10mm spacers underneath the stem or a 10mm and a 5mm below the stem and then a 5mm between the stem and topcap. Both should work, however it would look neater with the spacers below the stem.
  14. I'm made up to see GT putting their brand on a trials frame, this could be very positive for the sport! The frame itself looks really interesting, the rear end looks stiff with the rear triangle being similar in design to the t-rex, 04 pitbull and coustellier whilst competing with the weight of modern trials frames. I like the internal headset too, gives the frame a really neat look. We need to keep in mind that this is only a proto frame and the finished product could be much lighter with headtube cut outs etc. Looking forward to hearing any updates!
  15. I might be game, Ideally I need a set of cranks with a freewheel on though because mine are loose on the splines Can anyone help out? Will pay top dollar