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  1. Was nice to see cullingworth viaduct in there
  2. Holy Santa Claus shit!!!! unreal riding that.
  3. Hahahahahaha f**k me I love trials forum!
  4. Yeah no sweat mate!
  5. Isn't this a prototype inspired?
  6. Pretty sure TP was known for the typhoon back then
  7. Chris akrigg.... making uphill look like downhill!
  8. Awesome riding hes riding that like and absolute beast
  9. I thought that was shit hot!! One of 2 people who know how to ride a bike with a seat! Quality stuff!
  10. I doubt it, dont think they would lower there standards to that Haha.
  11. Yeahhh I heard rumours too. Doesn't count just like an on off sideways.
  12. WOW I guess that's my life complete. Thank you very much mr Arthur your my hero! Now I want to see a backflip set grab! Please.......
  13. 1 how could I forget about you mr travis.
  14. That's four more people than I can count on the seated side of things.. I'm still waiting for a seat grab of someone. Nice vid Bersha nice silky and smooth!!!