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  1. I like cheese!
  2. Joacim nymann is the dude your on about man.
  3. tell you somert TRA knows how to ride!! a beaut of a video!!
  4. nice work mate, you ride that ozonys proper good! look a lot more natural on it that the radix
  5. cheers man
  6. after the 2 videos in the title if possible. I know get 1 was uploaded on youtube, but I can't seem to find it. if someone can point me in the right direction that would be great! cheers
  7. Hi guys, I'm in need of a big favour theres a guy selling a frame I'm after in Bridgwater, is anyone local to there who can collect and post the frame to me? Will give you abit of money for doing it! The seller is being awkward and wont post it himself. Would be really appreciate if someone could do it! Drop me a pm if you can. Cheers
  8. Yeah the 04s rode disgusting haha. My favourite was the 07 python. Would have one of them again!
  9. Dont make them like they used too
  10. Was nice to see cullingworth viaduct in there
  11. Holy Santa Claus shit!!!! unreal riding that.
  12. Hahahahahaha f**k me I love trials forum!
  13. Yeah no sweat mate!
  14. Isn't this a prototype inspired?
  15. Pretty sure TP was known for the typhoon back then