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  1. Recently moved from 26” to 24” and built this little beauty. Eventually will upgrade bars and brakes but for now it’ll do. Comes in bang on 8kg
  2. Ok so I ended up lightly sanding the bottom of the steerer and basically taking off the white graphic and it worked a treat. Both crown race and bearing slipped down snug and now it’s all together. Steerer cut and stem on. Many thanks for your advice lads.
  3. Hey thanks for that advice man. Yeh it’s worth trying to skim a little off the bearing instead of the fork just incase. I don’t think it needs much. Thanks again
  4. Hi, looking for advice. Ive got a mk5 24” echo Frame and 24” rockman carbon forks. The Frame uses an integrated headset 1”1/8 and the forks are 1”1/8 steerer. However, the forks seem to stick on the bottom bearing about 8mm from the crown race. I’m assuming it’s just that the fork steerer is needing lightly sanded down to fit? Just to see if anyone can shed some light and maybe had the same problem with these forks and integrated headsets. Cheers gordy
  5. Not long built this up and still getting used to it but so far I'm loving it. 8.1kg New bars and stem is next upgrade.
  6. Hi Kevin. I'll be there too. I'll pay on the day if that's ok. I'll ride same as Ross probably. Cheers