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  1. Looking good bud, hope you're out every Tuesday with us from now on!
  2. Aye cullodens not bad! Don't worry haha half of us that get out are only just picking up a bike again after a few years off bar Scott and McInnes, so we're all in the same boat!
  3. Nice one, should be out tomorrow as far as I'm aware. Will send you a PM nearer the time if you're keen to let you know the craic but I'd imagine we'll be out culloden way around 7-7.30ish
  4. Few of us get out around Inverness every Tuesday and occasionally weekends if you're looking to get out more! You'll probably know a few of the boys I get out with, Scott Davidson, McInnes, James MacRae?
  5. Few photos of my Echo, was bought a couple months ago and I've only just got round to getting all the new parts put on. Looks and rides a whole lot nicer than before! Still unsure if I'll change the gold headset and BB for black ones yet. SPEC Echo Lite 2011 long Front and rear 05 Magura HS33s Trialtech Race 165x35 stem Trialtech High Rise bars Echo TR rims Echo TR hubs Echo TR cranks Echo Lite forks Echo SL freewheel Echo SL headset Echo Isis BB Try All rubber grips Maxxis Creepy Crawlers Heatsink CNC Yellows front and rear DMR V12 pedals GEO 1020mm Wheel Base +80mm BB Rise 350mm Chainstay Length 72° Head Angle
  6. Cheers! Had assumed it was recent since it still featured on their site. Any idea on how it rides?
  7. Hey, Anyone had any experience with the Zoo frame in the link below? How it rides, strength etc. Been away from trials for a while until only recently, had assumed they didn't make Zoo frames anymore as there was nothing on Tarty/other sites. Found this on the Echo website however haven't seen much about it at all on the forum. Cheers! Kieran
  8. Hey, Been on the hunt for an Onza Ice 2 frame for a while, finally found a site still selling it but from the photos they have it looks like the original version of the frame (before the gussets were added to improve the strength). My question is how likely were the original frames to crack etc before they fixed the problem with the dropouts on the Ice 2? Cheers, Kieran
  9. Very tidy looking bike! How does that bar and stem set up feel with it? I have the same frame with the 150x35 Trialtech stem and sport riser bars but was planning the 165x35 Trialtech stem with the high rise bars, take it yours is the 165 stem?
  10. Thanks!
  11. Bit of a long shot probably, but don't suppose anyone would know the geo of the old mod Echo Team stem from around 07/08 at all? The one I used to have had the Echo logo on it as opposed to just 'ECHO' written across it like some of the old ones if that helps at all. Used to have one on my Gu Typhoon 06 back in 09 before stopping for a few years. Cheers, Kieran.
  12. Hi Lukas,

    For some reason I can't reply to your pm, do you have an email or something else I can contact you on? 

    Thanks, Kieran

  13. Hi mate, 

    Do you have an email address or something else I can contact you through? I've tried to reply to your pm but for some reason it's not letting me.