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Magura Louise Setup?


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mines driving me instaine, i set it all up using them washers provided to get the disk sitting perfectly between the 2 pads, all was good for around 10 min of riding then there was a costant horrible noise (kinnda like a rim with tar on and brakes rubbing) and the wheel quite stiff to move, so again i set it back up and perfect... for another 10 min, so last nite when i came home i took a while lining it back up and gettin it working, today went out, 15 min it was spot on, then again rubbing making a very annoying loud constant noise! so yet again i adjusted it, and same story... ive not gave in and called it a day. any one got any ideas how to set the stupid thing up? its very annoying, ive got a feeling its something to do with the automatic pad ware adjustment!

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