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Mikey_c - Unwanted Clips


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Mikey just sent me his new video! He tells me its just a load of clips bashed together, and that his new vid will be out soon :)

He also told me to say that he doesn't just sidehop and that he does everything, he is just waiting for his new camera!

Comments apreciated (Y)

edit: will try and embed the video into the topic :S

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Undoubtable one of the best vids I have seen!

Your a beast man!

I really enjoyed that vid will have to ride sometime man!

Keep it up!

More gapping in there i reckons! :D


Josh X

You clearly haven't seen other rider's video's. That may have just been a bunch of clips put together, but it was so repetitive and boring. Fair play if you have recently improved and thats your current ability, but does watching that really inspire you to go out an ride?

What has he got that other's don't that makes him more worthy of getting a sponsorship deal?

He's got skill and ability, but so has over half the trials population in the uk alone.

Anyway, vid shows some good skill, confidence and ability, if what's in the video isn't all you do then I look forward to seeing your next vid.

this aint a dig at Mike, but people should really think before writing such daft comments.

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