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My Dob


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weight ?

does look fit though !

why not the koxx ?

I do like the koxx.

But for some reason after 5 min of riding on the dob I felt more comfortable than on my koxx.

youll be good on that mate. fair bit lighter than your koxx aswell

Hum I got a heavyer bb and a bash ring but I suppose it isn't far.

I think about 8.5 and my koxx 8.1.

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f**king hell your parents must be loaded to keep buying you brand new (or almost) expensive bikes.....

My parents didn't any of it.

From stuff I sold.

All the monty bits are the stuff from my monty ti

wanna sell one to me?

Hum how much you offering for my hoesel?

Always used an armourdillo and tubes around chainstays?

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