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Hs33 Pads


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The problem may be that your rim or pads are contaminated,

Take some sand paper to your pads

And run some lighter fluid on a cloth around your rim.

Then rebleed your brake, should be all good then!

ok thanks ill give it a go, when i get it re-bled should i use water or brake fluid?

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Water tends to be the choice of many riders nowadays for the quick feel of it. Fluid on the other hand does not feel as quick as water but there is nothing wrong with either. Water is probably your best choice though as it is easy to bleed a brake with water and it is alot cheaper than buying oil every time you need to re-bleed your brake.

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You talk so much shit sometimes, theyre probably the best smooth rim pad there is and with tar fuuck me MAZING

Any pad with tar is good you goon.

They didn't hold, and had a HORRID noise.

EDIT: I lie, they did hold, did not bite.

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