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hi there and welcome to the forum !

as for your post: i built a ta26 and discovered that the chainstays are not very wide i.e. when i run a 2.5 tyre on 26" wheels it rubbed.

the chainstays 'come closer' together so im not sure that it would work.

http://www.tartybikes.co.uk/product.php?id=2181 (3rd picture down) this is what i mean by they come closer, so if you got away with 24" you would need to run a slimmer tyre i guess.

hope i helped in some way :P

james (Y)

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Yeah i know, im into bikes anyway but im just starting to get into trials as another thing to do apart from XC trail riding. Do you think id get away with 2.35" tyres. If you're saying 2.5's rub against the stays then i suppose i could.

So thers nothing wrong with running 24's on the frame? I was on another bike forum about this and one guy said the BB would be too low for street trials, which is what i want to do.

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well i run 2.30's and they fit quite nice they still very thick due to not very wide chain stays, so i'm still not convinced that it would all work smooth.

ALSO i don't see why you couldnt ride street trials, because thats nearly the only trials riding i do and its fine!


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