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Wtd Echo Or Monty Tyre

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i did have a echo rear tyre, but since putting a maxxis back on it just feels so much more springing and grippy. echo dont grip very well, and dont have alot off bounce, they do look good though mine had a white line B)

Front Tyre:

I run a old school white line monty tyre, this is brand new, and grips pretty well, but to be honest maxxis is about the same.


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I'm enjoying the Eagle Claw on the rear. Can be a little bouncy/foldey if not inflated alot. The front one isn't too great though. I decided to go with a Try-all as the stock one is great. Anyway try Deltabikes for tyres.

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im just wondering what tyre i should get next as my maxxis bold, is tha monty tyre any good for street?

were can i get them cheepest??

ginger allenXD

I personally like creapy crawlers,

Ive had a fair few different tyres and they seem to be the best for grip in all weathers. Plus there trials designed, so you can't really go wrong with that...

I belive the cheepest place I found them were on chain reaction.

It only saves you a couple of pounds but you have the added bonus of free postage too.



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