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Hope Mono Trial

Bearded Midget

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i baught it new from tarty about 4 weeks ago now.

i let it bed itself in rather than using the drag brake then apply water technique, it started working well, but still didnt hold very well.

after a few weeks of slipping down to bash i decided to try the drag brake then apply water technique.(did this 2 times). the brake started to work well. but after a few hours it lost its hold again.then to make it worse i bent my rotor yesterday...im going to attempt to bend it back so it doesnt rub as i dont have the money for a new one.

is it a case of my pads are just glazed? how do i "un-glaze" them? or am i doing something wrong? because my front pads have never glazed and i dont use the back brake much more than the front one when im riding home etc.

all help appreciated.

edit: i have just checked and there are no leaks on any part of the brake.

also, i ride a mod with a 160mm rotor if that helps you help me

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remove the pads and have a look to see if they are glazed if they are give them a clean up with some sand paper. try to bed them in again, usin water and hard sharppe stops work well, dont just ride along dragging the brake

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get sme wet mud on the disc, dont need much, the mud removes the glaze and speeds up the bedding in process.

ill give this ago as it seems easier than the other option. ill post back in here once ive done it and tried it out to let you guys know whats happened

edit: wet mud or wet sloppy mud?

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initially very impressed with the outcome. using 2 fingers i cant pedal through the disc, using one finger i can if i really push( bearing in mind my brakefinger is fooked and i cant put much pressure on it)

had a little mess about on a kirb out the front, really trying to make it slip by being on the very edge of the kirb, but it didnt slip once.

ive got gcses all week so at the end of the week on friday ill be able to have a proper ride and tell you what its like.

but for now thanks for the input (Y)

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