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Had a quick google around, and just wondered if anyone who lives in jersey or has been to jersey could awnser these questions.

For 2009, im going on tour with the rugby club, going to Jersey. Were going for a long weekend, and I personally just wondered, what is the minimum drinking age over there? and how expensive is drink.

Were going to the capital St Helier if that makes any difference?


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There's a few Jersey lads on here actually. I'm from Guernsey which is just across the water.

The drinking age is the same as the UK, 18, and drinks cost pretty much the same as they do in England. St Helier is the main town and if you were anywhere else you'd be f**ked for anything to do. I've had a few good nights out in Jersey to be fair. There's a couple of reasonable clubs I suppose, although not the variety you'd get in a town/city in the England. It's not very big!

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If you're going around St Helier I think you'll find them fairly strict on the boozing. If you look old enough then you may get away with it. I was in Jersey a few times last year and got IDed a fair bit. I'm 22 (21 at the time) but I don't really look my age. I suppose they're probably just as strict as they are in a lot of town centers in England. No where is very far in Jersey, and there's loads of pubs, so you could probably find a few places that'll serve you. I got battered in a pub called the Southampton near the boat terminal when I was 15 and no one really gave a shit. Bit of a hole though.

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To be honest I don't go out to the clubs and pubs in town but anyway.... in St.Helier there are loads of clubs within like 5 minutes walking distance and they're all quite good, age wise.... if your 16/17 but look 18 you will definitely get in. It's very safe as well, you can pretty much walk around any part at any time and be fine. You want to stay around the Liberation square/Weighbridge area as thats where most of the clubs are, also right next to taxi ranks and bus station. You can go further into the town but just expect pubs and restaurants really.

Where abouts are you staying Ben?

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