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New Leeson Day!

The Foamoi Refresher

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new bike, after a long wait, with a few new bits on the way already, went out for a ride this afternoon, and its awesome, bring on the 24 tour :)


a couple of new bits arrived today, so i thought id take the chance and go for a bit of a brakeless ride while i was changing over the brakes, it was pretty fun, but damn sketchy as ive never ridden brakeless before. maybe in a couple of months i may do it for more than an afternoon. but for now, ultimate rear and SD7 front V;s with inspired pads are f**king awesome. new tyres also and the thing is so much lighter :rolleyes:

first pi of when i got it monday, second = brakeless, third is now.




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Looks cool (Y)

That upside down brake must be a fanny to set up with a booster.

You know, I think I used to own your old leeson. It was the same geometry as an ET24 i think. Aener on here has it now.

ah right, was it kinda gunmetal grey with orange stickers on it? was a lurvly bike, but i just couldnt get on with it very well, and i got that just after selling my ET24 :huh: i think what pissed me off what that it killed my hand pretty bad, and just a little fed up with too many injuries <_< so again took time out . . .

thankfully i havent had to do anything to the rear maggie yet, as the pervious owner left it on, with the rear wheel intact while it was in transit, but i think the rear mag is coming off anyway, as ive always been more of a V type of guy, and thankfully its got V mounts on the top of the seatstays too, so that should be nice and easy to setup

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Glad you like it mate, he is so sad to see it go lol. what bits you ordered?

yes man, its awesome, been out for three rides in two days already, got some new tyres, lighter ones as im not a very heavy rider, got some avid ultimates too, as ive always been a massive V brake guy, some new pads and prob looking for something a little longer on the stem side, although it bunny hops and manuals like a dream already, so i may still stick the this bar/stem combo . . .

Jealous. I need another one, so badly.

you damn well do man!!! what you got at the minute??

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Yeah dude i'll be there no matter what! Hopefully on another 24, if not it'll be the bmx if i still have it by then, and if i'm bike-less i'll be there for shits and giggles, and to keep Charlie company on the walks to and from spots where he'll inevitably get left behind again :P

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