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Monty Kamel'S Crash,.,


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At first, this frame broke when 4 month from date of selling gone. it happened above bottom bracket

monty didn't make warranty change.

Ot Pi told me that it's my problem, if I want to change a frame I need to buy it. A little strange, isn't it?, because monty promised half year warranty.

(i'ts not streight his speach, but meaning was so.)

so, I repaired it, but after 1 month frame broke again in other place.

I repaired it again.

but now I think it can't be repaired.

monty sucks


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Do you mean that you broke the frame 4 months after purchase, or 4 months after the frame's sell by date (which iv'e never heard of such a thing in trials). Still surprising to hear that from a well respected former pro rider like Ot. I think you should have pursued the matter further before the 5 month warranty period had expired, instead of having the frame repaired at your own expense because it would seem that Monty were stalling for time so that you would have no means of proving the structrual damage had occured within the 5 month warranty period. Ps, when you were offered to buy a new frame, were you offered a discount off the rrp?

Still, seek what your rights are in this matter even if it comes to nothing..

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I just don't know how can I protect my rights, no any idea...

Unfortunately, I think that it is too late as you have tried to repair the frame which will probably instantly void the warranty.

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