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  1. Sickening watch.
  2. F1

    Yeah he knocked it on during the upshift according to Bono. Not that I care as I didn't want him to be gifted with a win after Verstappen's tyre blow out. Love the crowd reaction of Lewis losing it.
  3. F1

    Don't think anyone was expecting the Azerbaijan race to finish like that. Perez, Vettel, Gasly.
  4. Cam doesn't do any justice on the scale of the stuff ridden.
  5. Absolutely insane seeing Martyn Ashton ripping the trails at speed and sending it over those jumps.
  6. Weirdest looking gravel bike and those pedals
  7. Good thing your not living in Australia
  8. F1

  9. F1

    Bit of a surprise grid for Monaco GP. Leclerc, Verstappen, Bottas, Sainz, Norris, Gasly, Hamilton. Hopefully Ferrari can repair the damage to Leclerc's car after he clipped the barrier and ended Q3 session.
  10. If Katy Winton, hasn't already started a Patreon, she should definitely get it done with the deep content she is putting out.
  11. F1

  12. That line combo at 03:14-03:21 was cool.
  13. F1

    Slightly off topic but so funny. Had to do a double take on how freakishly attractive some of the drivers look in female form.
  14. Trying to remember the video Martyn Ashton and Martin Hawyes feature riding this monster.
  15. TGS Uk scene still very much alive. Coventry ride.
  16. F1

    Unlikely to happen if Hamilton gets a new 2022 contract sorted before the F1 Summer Break. Depending on the terms of the contract, Lewis, would obviously pick Valtteri as his 2022 teammate over Russell.
  17. F1

    Shame RedBull couldn't help Verstappen maintain the position he gained from the start. Otherwise pretty boring race.
  18. F1

    Just don't see how Bottas is gonna make any serious title challenge on Hamilton, other than using Verstappen as a virtual wingman like at the early restart that caught Hamilton napping.
  19. Driver handled the situation like a Pro. Amazing footage
  20. 07:05-07:19 is that audible creak picked up from the cam mic really coming from the frame?
  21. Slightly off topic in terms of riding but figured on posting here rather than a new topic.
  22. Snapped leg @UFC261 on the first low kick thrown, damn. Should have known UFC would have blocked it before posting. Imagine if this had happened in F1