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  1. What rear freehub is he running?
  2. Unreal riding from JC What the stem length and wheelbase on Jack's bike?
  3. Would love to know if Knut Fosse is still riding with these guys?
  4. Of all the past videos of this place, for some reason you really appreciate the visual scale of some of the stuff ridden from this vblog
  5. Kinda trippy viewing content for anime
  6. F1

    Grip level of this car is just insane. Also the speed of gear change going up just nuts
  7. The most obvious assumption is that anyone's YT channel with Patreon is at risk of being hacked. Question for YouTube is do they try and keep a lid on things for now and avoid public knowledge to potentially avoid hundreds of channels with Patreon to be temporarily shutdown, or do they openly admit to media outlets that they have an issue? No seen or heard anything on the news about this...
  8. Awesome riding with the worst edit
  9. Short clip from Brumotti.
  10. F1

    Curious to see the highlights after watching this. So many tyre delamination failures
  11. F1

    Sainz is probably regretting going to Ferrari for 2021 Never would have thought top 10 grid would look like this.
  12. Love the whole slowed down casual approach to all the lines. This change of laidback style and pace reminds me of Bersha's riding style.
  13. Charlie Rolls static hook-to-frontwheel at 02:09 I think was just defies belief.
  14. The launch at the end!
  15. Checkout the number airborne missiles thrown. Looks like a scene from that old 80's arcade videogame Missile Command.
  16. On subject of struggling business under the pandemic and gov restrictions, has anyone noticed the boom in cycling demand. The number of the small private bike shop businesses I've visited in London over the past couple of weeks are just totally overrun with repairs, servicing and bike builds.
  17. Oh great, this is all we need to add fuel to the fire of more BLM protests.
  18. Furthermore, why the f**k are far right wing protesters attacking police. I thought their intention was to preserve their British heritage status and have it out with BLM protesters. I thought they were there to aid police numbers, not have it out with them.
  19. The only contribution these f**king clowns are going make is a 2nd wave of Covid-19 infections and re-introduce gov lockdown restrictions, if the R number goes up. Forget BLM, ALL LIVES MATTER!