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Onza T-Comp.


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Frame - Onza T-Comp

Forks - Try-all (Koxx White Sky)

Headset - No Idea

Stem - Trialtech Sport Forged

Bars - Trialtech High Rise

Grips - Trialtech Rubber

Front Brake - 2004 Magura HS33

Front Pads - ZOO!

Front Clamps - Echo CNC 7075

Front Rim - Trialtech Sport

Front Hub - Echo

BB - Neon

Cranks - Echo Forged

Pedals - Monty Platform

Bashring - Czar

Sprocket - Trialtech

Chain - KMC Kool

Back Brake - 2005 Magura HS33 (With ZOO! lever)

Back Pads - Echo (I think?)

Back Clamps - Echo CNC 7075

Back Hub - Profile Mini Cassette

Back Rim - Try-allTyres - Maxxis Creepy Crawlers

As you can see I'm trying to go green, because my echo was white and green, but it cracked, so I'm on this, no rush to get rid of it, but a nice black frame would be good, so if anyone has one for cheap, please PM me.







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where did you get those forks ive been looking for some 4 ages

I got them from a guy off here. :)

Ino thanks the scary part is it snapped from the inside :( and they usually snap from the outside :blink: Now i have too wait until bday to get new bike (N)

I'll sell you that frame when I get my new one?

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