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Monty Rear Tyre


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My guess is that when they are made the weight can very a fair bit from tyre to tyre and in this case when they came to measure them up for frame compatibility dimensions they may have measured them again and found it was a different weight?

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I wouldn't worry about it. Those Echo's have such a hard compound that their grip just doesn't compare to the Maxxis's or Try-All's (never tryed a Monty so can't really say).

id get 1 mate (Y)

i posted a topic on here about a year ago asking if it was worth the extra money then a creepy crawler....

most people said yes, so i got 1 :)

and they were right, so much grip then my CC was, i tryed gaps and taps i could never make and the tyre just stuck to the wall

even when i got a pair of white try-all tyres i was disapointed with the noticable difference it made

well until i found a stanley knife and cut the knobs off it :giggle:

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