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  1. Built this camp kitchen earlier this summer for the Disco. Been awesome to have everything in there always ready to go at a moments notice. Where the sink is flips up and the left side is just a big storage door. The bed platform is two pieces so I can put the front piece over the boxes and retain all the seats in the car. I did plan on wrapping it in some cheap carpet type stuff and making a custom foam folding mattress for it but been using/enjoying it too much to do that.
  2. I was pretty adamant on buying something new for my dad in order to get a warranty, also adamant in choosing something with a Bosch motor as they appeared to be the most reliable and no hassle if there was any warranty issues at the time. E bikes definitely have more issues than a regular bike, not helped by the fact they’re usually ridden more, higher stresses, extra weight and so much going on in a small package.
  3. I’m of the opinion they’re great but there’s still a lot of space for development and improvement. I’ve first hand seen people use them as tools to aid their recovery after severe injuries or health problems. Without them it would have been much harder for them to step onto a bike again or their recovery would have been longer. My Dad is a larger chap and hasn’t been athletic for a number of years, for his 60th birthday I bought him a Cube hardtail e bike and it gave him a new lease of life and freedom. We were able to go on rides together it’s been brilliant for him. For me personally I’m interested to see how these lighter weight full sus bikes develop such as the SL specialised range. The big attention grabbing power numbers aren’t really necessary for most riders and they can still be pedalled reasonably without assist as well as having respectable weights. I definitely don’t need an e bike though, it would be a nice luxury though in future, would sure make some photo shoots easier. Having previously worked in bike shops though they need more refinement. It will come with time but it’s still a ways off.
  4. F1

    It all became a bit of a Karen situation, the two team principals arguing their corners which is understandable but was kinda pathetic to watch? Then Helmut Marcos comments after, what a helmet. Pretty sure I heard him trying to say albons poor performances were down to fernando alonso or something recently… I’d have been able to understand if it was deemed either a racing incident or a penalty as I could see both sides of the story. We want to see racing though and I’m a bit concerned about overly penalising the racing out of the sport. On the other hand I do believe there needs to be a better solution found for the scenario whereby someone is at fault for an accident but manages to continue and the other innocent driver is taken out of the race and will score no points. While I was on the fence here about who was at fault if they do indeed decide to penalise someone it has served no purpose in this situation as Hamilton still managed to go on and win!?
  5. A little over a month ago I bought potentially the most unreliable car I’ve ever owned and I love it. It’s incredibly good as a vehicle to access adventure here in BC. Threw a north shore bike rack on the back, found some rocking horse shit oem roof bars and building a camping kitchen/drawers/bed platform this week. I’ve done a bunch of work to it so far, some just because and some necessary. Put a lower temp thermostat on to keep her cool, exhaust manifold gaskets, new shocks, pulled the sagging headliner and painted it, fixed an xyz switch transmission problem, coolant hose, power steering hoses, fixed the sunroof leaks and standard service items. I’m planning on giving the brakes a refresh and have a new tie rod/drag link to go on to tighten up the front end, might eventually put some slightly larger tires on but trying to get it to be in good standard working order.
  6. I’ve been considering one of these for quite a while, been waiting to jump on any that come on sale. The black one looks great but they’re not easily available in Canada unfortunately. Any tips or considerations you’ve learnt from your machine?
  7. You folks talking about disparity of house prices should see how it is over here in British Columbia. House prices on the whole are going insane here currently, people have been bidding $150-200k over asking price for places without even looking at them, mostly down to the fact that interest rates are so low right now. Not at all interested in getting involved with those kind of bidding wars. My prediction is that once house prices go back to roughly where they should be and rates go back up all these people that have overbid will be in negative equity and not be able to remortgage? This is one of the reasons I'm so keen to build my own place on this land we have access to. First problem we've encountered though is that it is 'Agricultural land reserve' (essentially farm land) so it's going to be a little harder to subdivide but is possible.
  8. Well it would be rude not too ha. I’ve learnt of a few other things that make the plan to build even more feasible so it’s starting to feel very exciting. I’m definitely into the idea of building in an alternative way and not going for crazy big scale as a means to have a very small if not no mortgage at all. If anyone can share some wisdom or techniques on such things I’d be all ears.
  9. I realised that my partners grandma has a sizeable chunk of property that goes unused, I thought about how it could be ideal for us to use it to think outside the box and build our own house. She loved the idea and wants to make it happen. So we may potentially have an incredibly exciting project on our hands. I now have to do some research into costs and ideas and get the ball rolling. The best part is it’s in a location next to the best riding spot on Vancouver island. Would mean I’d have to invest in a downhill bike and shuttle rig.
  10. Over here in the land of Maple Syrup we’ve slowly been working our way towards setting up to buy a house and had a few initial talks with a mortgage broker. I need to wait until September/October when I’ll have been a resident for a year then I’ll be eligible for some first time buyer incentives. The market here is crazy at the moment though, prices going up, houses going for way over asking price and pretty much having to make a decision on the spot if you want it. I’m not really keen to get in on the kind of frenzy at the moment for the sake of it though. Really was kinda hoping the market would crash a little so I can selfishly capitalise. I would still really love to build my own place though too. It’s a bit more accessible to do that here and it would be so rewarding. I guess I’ve got 6 months or so to come up with a way of achieving that.
  11. Football for me too, coming from someone that was somewhat into it when a lot younger as I’ve got older I’ve really come to think wtf is the whole football watching lifestyle all about? Like why is it a thing to spend at least one day of your weekend swallowing copious amounts of dreadful lager to then pay a fortune for a ticket to watch some people play a game that if the results go one way or the other you somehow think you have a reason to either smash up the local place or sing and shout drinking more. These people then go back to their 9-5 jobs they appear to hate and do the same again the next weekend. It sometimes seems that they do this because everyone else does it and they’ve not stopped and questioned to think if there’s a better way to occupy their time or not. I do actually like playing, but not competitively, there’s a tournament here in Canada every year on a tiny island, it’s 7 a side and you must have two girls on the pitch (standard for girls is way higher here) which takes that brutal edge off and it’s so much fun with everyone out to just have a good time. I’m into that more than hurling abuse at a stranger because they have a sport shirt on that is different colours to the one you’re supposed to like. Rant over.
  12. I’ve finally managed to move myself to Canada and joined the 1.8t club whilst here with this 03 Audi A4. I know this is a common engine on here so wondering if anyone can share any wisdom on what I could check/mod/service to make sure it’s sweet. It appears to mechanically have been well looked after since the previous owners originally bought it in 07. More power is always nice but as maybe a sign of me ageing I’d be happy to dial it in so it’s reliable. It’s done a lot of miles by U.K. standards but by Canadian standards it’s barely broken in. I’d like to give it a good detailing as it’s not had much cleaning love with the rainforest of BC but it drives sweet and ‘gas’ is cheap here so it’s cheap to run.
  13. Cheers Luke, fortunately in my time I’ve not had to dodge too many ‘I can give you exposure/it’ll boost your portfolio’ bullets, maybe that’s cause I’m fairly strict with it. Me and my partner have done some weird setups in our time, initially short distance in Canada, then slightly shorter with a ferry inbetween, then back to slightly further, then living together in Canada, then living together in the U.K. and now super long distance. So we’ve ticked most boxes of how it’s done ha. We’re both dealing with it as good as can be really, just plodding on. There’ll be a big sigh of relief at the end of all this for sure.
  14. So I returned to the bike shop I worked at part time alongside my photography and have been back a month. I have solely been building bikes locked away in an old workshop and this week ticked over 220 bikes in total that I've built since going back. They've been selling like hot cross buns. I foresee a problem that within this next week or two the supply of bikes is going to have completely dried up likely countrywide for low to mid range bikes. There's currently 14 bikes left in the shop in total when usually I'd guess there's easily 100 on display and many more stored away to be built. I'm somewhat expecting I could be laid off if that is the case and although I've had a few nibbles not got much photo work booked in. Anybody want to hire a bike mechanic/photographer? I should have been moving my life permanently to Canada right about now too, my visa should have been due a month ago but that looks likely to be severely delayed and their (understandable) travel restrictions are making me think that I'd be extremely lucky if I can even consider moving by the end of the year. I've not been with my partner since November. Tough and trying times on my brain box possibly ahead for me although I appreciate I've likely got it very good compared to others. If shit does hit the fan I do have a new gravel bike on the way to adventure on, a personal video project I could finally invest some time in and build a deck for my parents. Thankyou TF for being a strange avenue to vent some thoughts.
  15. I ended up drawing my moral line in the sand and refusing to go in. Every other shop has shut or adjusted to appointment/online/click and collect only services and the owners response was to possibly shut one or two days a week. I’d rather volunteer my time to the right cause and have no income than receive a pay check from people that value profit over lives of the population.