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  1. I’m up for a day out with the camera again. Can’t guarantee I’ll attend though as I’m not sure exactly when I’m moving my life to Canada just yet.
  2. My Trek Slash that I've been rocking for a while now. I've half put it up for sale if anyone would be interested. It's been a fantastic bike but I'm actually fancying the idea of downgrading.
  3. https://duncanhaguephotography.com/blog/2019/4/24/canon-eos-r-my-thoughts I've been shooting with Canon's new Mirrorless EOS R for a few months now if anyone would like to take in my thoughts on it.
  4. Some recent snaps, really been enjoying shooting a whole lot more recently.
  5. F1

    I’m intrigued by what’s going on with that Alfa front wing, if that’s the design style they’ve gone with it’ll be interesting to know the thoughts behind it. Excited to see how the season develops. Should we put down some T-F predictions to look back on at the end of the season? Winner gets some T-F stickers.
  6. A job became available that I really wanted that was for a great little shop, I filled 99% of the criteria and it would be perfect for me. The communication was good then I had an interview and I just didn’t get a very good vibe. I think I did everything best as I could on my part but I think essentially there is a lot of strong competition and applicants so I’m not confident at all that I’m going to get it. I’ve really struggled to find good work since I returned to the U.K. having been messed around by a few companies and some bad luck. I hope this isn’t another to add to the list.
  7. It’s an 04 147 ti that I exchanged just £300 for. Picked it up today and been for a blast and I’m incredibly pleased with it. Think I’ve got myself an absolute bargain it’s drives brilliantly and does not need anything major doing to it beyond a service.
  8. I've bought myself and my mrs an Alfa Romeo incredibly cheap. Am I insane or mental?
  9. I've got myself a DJI Mavic Pro and it has been fantastic when I used it. I've witnessed first hand people receiving cheap copies as gifts and the quality is just plain awful, I've seen them flown once when received then never used again. Just an utter waste of money. The mavic pro is great thanks to its portability and ease of use, it's also relatively small and quiet compared to others. As it happens I had just vaguely put mine up for sale today, I got a bit scared by the legislation, paperwork and insurance you need now if you're making money from it and as I'm trying to turn professional I thought I'd rather invest the money into my DSLR kit and remove temptation.
  10. I've only done a few hundred miles on my GX 12 speed setup and it has been great so far. Does as it should really, I have heard some people saying it can be a bit problematic and clunky at times but for the most part it's pretty reliable and solid. I don't think it's fully necessary though, get the front chain ring size correct and 11 speed is more than adequate and would fulfil my needs perfectly if I had it. I'd say just get the stuff you can get the best deal on, you can't go far wrong but getting the chainring size right is critical. I see so many people barely using the smaller cogs on the rear yet they have a big ass chainring and end up spoiling the lower end.
  11. I've recently just been trying to get more involved in the local scene, photographing more often and networking with more people. This job came about from someone I've recently been working with gaining a new sponsor who requires some media content. I have been told about folks shooting races and posting on roots and rain, I am tempted to give a few a try but I'd approach it in a more creative way rather than standing in the same spot all day with a tripod getting the same shot. Mostly though it's been a case of putting myself out there a bit more. Maybe we should shoot together sometime.
  12. Pretty sure you’re on the right track there. Standards are a real pain in the arse.
  13. I’ve had a real bad time finding good work since I got back to the U.K. which had made me try doing my own thing. I’ve actually been making a serious effort towards focusing on cycling specific photography and yesterday I got my first paid mtb media job booked. Not a big one but I felt like it was a good milestone.
  14. Would you still go down the direct sales route after your troubles you’ve had? I’ll share my thoughts (I work in the trade and see what goes wrong and how companies deal with it. -Trek - Remedy or Slash depending on your preference of wheelsize, the slash is an enduro charger where as the remedy is a bit more of a trail machine. Good after sales service from trek. Mid-low value for money -Santa Cruz - Nomad or Bronson, Id pick the Bronson of the two. Playful poppy geometry and linkage design. Good after sales. Lower value for money spec wise. Hold their value well. Would advise not to purchase Hightower as new version is likely imminent. -Specialized - Stumpy or Enduro. Stumpy is a great all rounder and lots of variations of it and the enduro a bit more of a heavy hitter, very refined machines. Cool SWAT door feature is neat. Middle ground value for money to spec ratio. Very good after sales care. -Whyte - Seem to be highly rated, various options travel wise. Have seen some have trouble with wearing through bearings like there’s no tomorrow. Middle in terms of value for money. Not the prettiest. -Scott - Well made, various options but gimmicky twin loc system. Expensive. Can not comment on after sales as not seen any come back. -Cannondale, worth keeping an eye on as there should be some new interesting bikes in the pipeline. Well made. Mid in terms of value. Will have a cool factor soon now they’ve got a good team of guys. These are my experiences of what I sell or are involved with, not saying you should or shouldn’t go for any of these in particular. I actually ride a 2019 Trek Slash 9.8 after having a mk 3 nomad. It’s quite a stiff bike but it loves to absolutely charge and munch up what’s in front of it. I think I’m about half way into fully dialling it in and haven’t unlocked its full potential yet. It is a big 29er bike but I can still pop and hop gaps when needed on it. Hope that helps you in some way.
  15. I really enjoyed that, especially the second part, it managed to perk me up a bit from my man flu.