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  1. So after turning 30 and thinking I'm a bit old for trials (knee pain etc) I went to mountain bikes... But found this cheap so here I am again a lot to do with it but ill gradually get it done... If anyone rides in Nottingham let me no.. I'm free every weekend
  2. Wish I could find a mod with the original paint... looks good mate
  3. ive just started up again and live next to the NFFC ground just need a front brake which ill be getting this weekend
  4. <script src=""> </script> the drop outs look bent? i had the same frame cranks etc and it never rubbed and my bb was 128mm long straighten the dropout and it should sort it
  5. hey all, ive recently started playing a lot of games on my phone and wondered if anyone else does? mostly N.o.v.a 3, modern combat 4, trial extreme 2, Riptide GP and a few others... on my Blackberry Z10 im amazed how good the games and graphics are and you can play a lot of them via wi-fi like xbox and ps3, and on my blackberry you can add your scores and compare them to your other BBM contacts Does anyone else play these on here, or know any othergames worth playing? add me if you like 24CC02ED
  6. Stops it looking a bit plain I think
  7. sorted the chain out thanks to rock'n'roll bikes and got bored so put some stickers on
  8. there isnt any pressure so if you cut a slot and used a screwdriver it would be easy
  9. got it built this weekend after some bodging.. need to sort the chain out though lol i had to bodge the bb because i only had a bb tool for square taper bb's.. so i filed away at the axle till the tool would fit like this.. notice the drive side is silver where i filed it and the none drive side isnt... works fine for now
  10. i love this, its not ment to be easy, trials isnt easy? but this is the best game ive played to date.. allway thought why dont EA make a game like this surprisers me... love it thanks G! youve made my day and a few months atleast
  11. Have you weighed it yet? Do you like the geo?
  12. Doesn't work for me
  13. It deserves better pictures then the one you've taken mate, love them frames
  14. Love that mate, want my dog shooter be simular to it, what drive train setup are you using? Gear ratio are you using?
  15. your never going to sell your frame so give up i wouldnt have it off you even if you gave it me ;p