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What To Use....hope Head Doctor Or Star Nut On New Mist Forks


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So i got my hope headset that came with a head doctor and modified it to use with my trialtech forks as they are threaded steerer. cut down the trialtech top cap on the lathe, threaded the centre for the hope top cap bolt and worked perfect, all bc i was bored one sunday and wanted to use the pretty hope top cap lol. Now god knows where i put the expanding bit that comes with the head doctor.

......do i just go with a star nut? Never used one as its always been a head doctor for me or a threaded steerer top cap so exact size im after is a mystery to me. internal diameter of my new mist forks are 20mm alloy steerer and hope bolt is a standard M6 (hope disk calliper bolt size) Are these star nuts available at pretty much all bike stores? We dont really have specific trials stores here in AU and im sure some of the boys can get it for me here, just not by tomorrow night or saturday. Any help with what size to go would be great. Im guessing go something like a star nut diameter of about 22 or 23mm and u just press it into the steerer tube?


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The head doctor top cap and bolt work fine with a normal starnut, tis what Im using :)

Not sure on the sizes but any bikeshop will have a range of standard starnuts and one will fit. Ideally you want one 1-2 mm bigger than bore of the steerer tube.

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