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Limey 320 problem/ gut feeling


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Hi guys I ride an onza limey 320 and it's a brilliant bike- however there's something that's been bugging me at the back of my mind do I decided to see what you all think. The rear hub is a disc hub, and I run dual 160mm discs, but my issue is that technically my hub with a disc and the frame are not compatible. What I did to make it work was put a3mm wide washer/spacer on the disc side of the hub, and everything works fine. But what I'm worried about is the fact that means the frame is technically bent outward a by 3mm-does this put the frame under tension/stress? I have little issue putting the wheel on, I just have to give the disc side rear triangle a gentle pull and it slides on without issue. But I'm worried I'll be riding and it'll crack. Does 3mm make that much difference? Any help/advice would be great.

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