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Arcade thugs tentionner falling off?


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I dont know why but when fix my tention on my arcade, if I screw both bolt on each side equally the wheel isnt straight, so to get it straight I need to scree alote more one side keeping the other side bolt almost loose, i've almost lots my tentionner two times, and I was really lucky last time as it did felt but I mirraculusly found it back after stoping searching for it? Is anyone else having this problem?!?!


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No problems with mine.

Mine pulls up straight every time.

Have you got the block that goes against the drop out the wrong way round?

There is a little recess so you can pull the wheel back a little further. If this was around the wrong way on one side it could give you the problem your discribing.

For what it's worth, it pays to nip these up after you have tightened the wheel.

Tighten chain to where you want, tighten hub bolts then tighten up the chain tugs.

Back when I ride BMx they always came loose unless you tighten them up again.

Another thing to look at, did you change the bolt that's used to do up at the back, In the picture looks black, not silver like original.( could be lighting)

However if you did change that and it's to long you might be hitting against the hub bolt. Not tightening properly.

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