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  1. I wanna ride now...well done flipp great stuff as always...
  2. Hi had the same problem on my pro4...sendt it back to Hope, and they fixed it...3 month later and now it skipps once in a while...changed pawls two times as they got crused. My pro2 just runs 10+years no problem...frustrating but have to get this sorted again.
  3. Riding time :-)
  4. Nice riding, and cool edit...keep it up
  5. Great watch...smooth and dialed riding as you "roll downs"...
  6. Velcome...any bike will do, you be able to find some second hand old school bikes around 2-300...good luck..
  7. Its all about instagram and video clips these days...
  8. Hi we are throwing a jam a easter time in Denmark, see link for details. Could be a lot of fun with some uk shredders
  9. 20190228_160308_1.mp4
  10. nice one...good stuff
  11. I hope the link works
  12. +1 for the arcade for learning, but the hex will still work. i run my seat slightly higher when doing barspins. For me its the front brake lever that takes the most time to adjust to. Good luck with it...ill upload one here for you to look at.
  13. never used one or seen one, im on my trusty old hope pro 2 front hub. Let me know how the helium goes ;-)
  14. I seen pawls crack on a lot on the pro4
  15. Hi on the pro 2 ive never had an issue running one for 11years now :-) hope pro4 hub is 6 months old and ive changed the pawl+springs two times now. The corner seem to crack of and the debris get crushed inside...first time it got sorta noisy...second time it locked up the wheel, turning my bike into a fixie....Good thing is has NEVER skipped on me..
  16. looks smooth...
  17. no 55 s fine, just get on it !!! :-) good luck
  18. How is the bike holding up ? Is feeling a lot stiffer compared to a inspired frame ?
  19. Hi been on the darkside a few years now, i ride 3-4 times a week usually one long session 4h (mainly pure trials)and 2-3 small ones 1,5 hour(street+skatepark).. main problem is HARSH landings (2m drop to flat), hang up on dirtjumps ect...other than that i do some shoulder/leg/back streching 2-3 times a week about 30min per session... i have friends in the 50's still charging...:-) so no reason to stop anytime soon...The magic trick for me seems to be warming up/ light streeching before riding 5-10min.. and loads of Coffee...
  20. i get it...explanation is fine..
  21. Hi anybody who rides 140-160mm rear rotor and has enough brake power? Just wondering if a 4 piston brake would be strong enought with smaller rotor. The bennefit would be more ground clerance. And in teory there should be less flex in rotor & less weigt..
  22. Kinda like the Black one, but not too keen on the forks, maybe a set of inspired forks would loke great on there ;-)
  23. Hi john Dont know if i have a problem ;-), just wanted to hear if there where people riding smaller rotors. im 82kg 180mm rotor & running shimano zee 4 piston brake (never slips, but i think 140-160mm could be fine to) -1 getting it out of the way i for when i bail of the bike (etc tailwhips , i tend to land behind the bike and sometime cut my leg on rotor.) -2 less flex = less change of pad rub -3 more ground clerance well gues only option is to try it out.
  24. Hi wizards im stuck at around 1 - 1,5 backwards crankturns in my fakie manuals..seems to lose all speed and balance there...i try to apply pressure on the drivetrain all there way around, is that how you guys do it or do you pedal faster so there is no braking? Any pointers are appresiated thanks in advance
  25. Looks kinda cool. Like the internal cable routing, and through axel in the back.