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1998 Spesh FSR, Anyone Had One?


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Here's the spec if it helps, had a quick search online and people seem to rave about them and I always wanted one years ago!

XT Rear Mech
STX RC Front Mech
XTR Brakes
LX Shifters
XT Hubs on Mavic 17 rims wih Stainless DB Spokes
Specialised Crank
Manitou Front Forks
FOX Deluxe Rear Damper
Logic A Headset

Specialised Crank Set
STX RC Hubs on Mavic X138 rims
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They were pretty nice at the time; however, the stock back end was super flexy and much improved by a Risse rear triangle.

Would make for a great retro build to cruise around on but would probably be outdone by cheap new stuff if you wanted to ride hard.

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Won't be any of that going on, probably do more miles on the school run than anything but would be nice to have a bit of comfort if I did decide to do a few miles locally.

The guy selling is asking £200 but I'm gonna try and knock it down a bit to get it posted.

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I had one from new till a couple of years ago. Only thing left was the frame that was original, but the only thing that snapped was the swingarm. I replaced it all with a complete BETD back end and it made a huge difference to the way it rode. Everything else was just because it wore out. It is a light XC bike and therefore it was abit light weight for modern big built trails, but to go on bigger loops on original tracks and trails it was the best.

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That's the kind of thing I've been reading over the last day or so. It seems the frames are pretty indestructable and you can easily upgrade the rear end to a newer version with needle bearings instead of bushes and a disc mount! Having a word now about postage as he's down in Kent but with any luck I'll have it for next week.

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