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  1. Number 3 placement would be my preference. Have you checked out the recent intense stickers, the font is way better.
  2. General do it all cx bike. It's pretty flat round here so can handle some local singletrack too
  3. A-C is 390 and crown to underside is 25 so should be able to fit at least a 700 x 42 tyre in there, could probably get a 29 x 2 to just clear.
  4. Might look daft on a roadie but here's some that are available in both alu and carbon. There are some more standard road/CX looking ones on Aliexpress as well.
  5. Shimano neutral service cars had a good showing at the Tour of Flanders today.
  6. Crazy that he's In the air for almost 9 seconds.
  7. Clearer video here Plus even clearer from the car behind that one. The taxi in front actually got hit by the tip of the wing but driver and passenger were fine.
  8. Yeah Exchange is a mail server with calendering, contact managing etc and Outlook is the client. I only ask as MS have killed off SBS so now you have to have both Essentials plus Exchange. As a result there's been a bit of a move towards simpler stuff like Igaware small business server and ClearOS professional. Both are worth looking into IMO as they are very easy to manage.
  9. Hardware side of things sounds fine for general office work. What's the plan for server OS, need Exchange for example?
  10. Well they do kind of claim 80 lanes, but yeah it's not as much of an issue as the box saying that Quad SLI multi-graphics card setups only support x8/x8/x8/x8 configuration rather than full x16. Still want one though Edit: Never really read anything about the turbo boost stuff but can you realistically change the boost speeds a lot? I know it'll never happen (dunno if it would even work) but just wish there were some unlocked 2011 chips with QPI/DMI.
  11. Think there's been a bit of an issue with bios on those so far, only 40 pcie lanes are showing not the full 80. Kind of makes it useless for multi gpu stuff. Hadn't noticed that bit before. Interesting feature for a WS board considering lots of 2011 stuff has locked multipliers.