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new bloke saying "hello"


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hello people in my computer :D

i've been messing with the idea of getting a trials bike.....always dabbled, but normally on a small zaskar bitd! prob due to hans!! i've been into mtb's on and off for 20 0dd years. in the 90's, me and my mate used to ride up on to pub benches, hop about a bit and that's about it. but no one was doing it then! then i got into putting bigger engines into cars for a few years, and missed the trials bubble! i'm gonna have a few glasses of red and educate myself on this 'ere forum of yours!!

due to being 45, i don't see me ever being a threat to the competitive hoppers out there......so feel safe in the knowledge that when i ask questions....you can tell me all your little secrets!

do you lot ride "normal" bikes too? i'm a bit of a retro head (read 45) and ride a san an and sts mainly........that's me really :S

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Hey there. No worries about the age, recently read about a bloke at 51 getting into trials! No age too old for having fun!

Everyone here is happy to help out with any questions you have!

I personally started trials about 8 months ago. Did ride a normal bike to school when I was little but once I got my drivers license I got rid of it. Now, because of trials, I'm wanting to get myself a decent bike again..

Welcome to the forum, you'll enjoy it!

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so...it seems i need that frame you have in the back of your garage...you know, the one that you thought wasn't worth selling...i'll trash it anyway! what have you got? i have an orange airo small....but it's heavy! maybe you want a '98 rockhopper frame in nitanium....maybe? or would like to swap a trials frame for a club roost vcv (predecessor to the dh8)?? maybe you fancy a coyote xc2 with carbon swingarm? maybe you secretly lust after an avalanche 0.5 small? yes...i red the faq's so prob prefer a 26"? but anything more suited than my current steeds! :dance:

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trials stuff has come a really long way, the inspired hex is probably the bike you didn't know you were dreaming of. built far better than a light compy frame, with quite neutral geometry that shouldn't feel to far off what you were used to back in the day, (compared to the 'modern' seatless compy bikes) that is.

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yeah. my kleins and stuff ain't cheap....but i'm only dabbling in trials so can't justify spending as much on a hipperty hopperty bike as i do on xc! maybe i will if i get a bit more into it...which will prob happen as in the past, i've always bought smallest frames i can fit, so a dedicated trials is the natural progression......only took20 odd years!

you can pay thousands for a top bike of any disipline....so why should trials be any different? i just dont want (read...need) a top bike!!

so get those pics of old frames up!! :wink:

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