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My commercial


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I started this UF-company, AC Bike Trial-Shows UF (UF = Ung Företagsamhet = Young Entrepreneurship. UF is a school-thing..), some months ago, and I've just made this commercial.

My company provides event managers bike trial-shows, as entertainment for their events.

The commercial in in swedish. But if you ignore that, what do you think about it, the edit and riding? :)

Hope you like it, and it would be very kind and helpful of you to like it/share it on facebook.


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the riding was very good, so does the filming, about the editing.. I say it is good as well, as it is not a TGS video for us, riders

and that gap at the end was massive!

thanks! I'm very glad you liked it. :) That gap is about 230 cm, and I'm quite proud of it, yes indeed ;)

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Nice riding, looks like you've been progressing abit lately :)

yes, I'm evolving quite much at the moment :)

Riding was great, but personally I wouldn't have used pallets for a commercial.

And the logo in the corner is kind of pointless because it can't be read, and you already have it at the end anyways. And not a fan of the font used :P

We were supposed to shoot at a great spot by the ocean, but the weather sucked so we had to do the the best we could, indoors.

The corner-logo is actually kinda there to "irritate", which makes people remember it better.

The font the same as the one in the logo and that's why I chosed it. :wink:

But lots of thanks for the critics! :)

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