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  1. I haven`t been on these forums for like 2 years but it is as good as anytime: How frequent the issues are? Memtest is usually a good test to see whats happening, as it is testing both your memories and memory controller, so it seems like it is either an intermittent hardware issue or software. Software: Are you opening those files with a specialised program? If the program is misbehaving/glitches (for example misinterpret data) that can cause memory leaks/failure if it loads garbage into RAM. Hardware: So you have an i5 4670k, and the motherboard and CPU is 7-8 years old probably. Over that many years you can have leaky capacitors or generally worn out components. It depends on how expensive components your motherboard/cpu/RAM uses or whether you got lucky/unlucky. I would start investigating the software issues first (maybe try to use different software to import data), as hardware is expensive to replace.
  2. well guys no nut november is officially over
  3. I love that old school american style x new school vibe
  4. just to put Guillermos post into English: Just simply tie all grounds to ground and neutrals to neutral, and switch the live with switches. Your diagram you are switching the neutral while the device always has live. I would advise doing it the other way around. Lets say you need to change bulbs. With your wiring it will always be live, no matter if switch is on or off. If you switch live to them instead of neutral , then you can switch off the power and they wont be able to shock you. also These are gorgeous mate, I am well impressed
  5. this is painful to read
  6. just a note: if you are on a budget (or anyone) and wants a good and cheap brake, you cannot go wrong with shimano. I had a Deore (not sure about model number) at the back and SLX at the front on a street trials set up with 180mm discs, and they worked perfectly for a beginner, especially for the price of around £50 each
  7. pretty cool vid! I have subbed
  8. Also, if you want a decent phone, look into mid range. Generally speaking, high end phones and mid end phones have largely same internal components (maybe the high ends have a teeny bit better, but nothing extremely note worthy), and the only things you are paying for is a name and gimmicks I have a Note 8, just because I love shiny electronics, and I like the pen as a gimmick. A oneplus 6 which has really similar specs and nice display and everything you want in a high end phone, I would look at it if I were you
  9. I was missing 1 part from the vid: If you like what you see then LIKE THIS VIDEO, SMASH THAT SUBSCRIBE BUTTON AND HIT THAT MUTHAFUKKIN BELL TO BE IN MY NOTIFICATION CREW!!!!!1 This video is sponsored by PENIS PILLS, if you want to have A HUGE PENIS TAKE THESE TABLETS, AND NOW WITH 20% OFF IF YOU SIGNUP WITH MIKEVLOG CODE, Do it now!!!!!!!! In the next video we will play Fortnite so make sure you tune in 8pm tonite! But yeah, as said before, your riding is decent, but the only part that is missing is something,, extra? Like Ali C vlogs are good, as it is about a great rider, showing behind of the scenes of his videos, some of the Team Toast videos are decent as it is full of banter. There has to be something extra if that makes sense?
  10. I rode on an off in Northern Ireland for a few years, and I moved to Leeds 2 years ago. I brought my bike over, hit up the Bike soc like hey, any more trials riders, and they told me that yeah, there are some BMXers and some trails here. I was riding on and off for a year, but my mate rode BMX, and it was difficult to find spots for both of us. I tried BMX last year, but it was short, too high gear ratio and just weird. I could not find anyone here, especially at my skill level (pretty poor). That big isolation was kinda the last nail in the coffin. I am still back here lurking, looking at the sales forum, and if something 24" cheap comes up nearby I might get it, but it is getting to a 3rd hobby, especially next to full time work.
  11. fair enough, I was thinking about multi city as well, but it was cheaper LA-SF-LA with an extra day in SF with a car Have a great trip! **and now I am going back to lurking mode**
  12. Sorry to hear about the Formula D part, great fun silvercar actually have a %30 off sale, A4 with insurance for £45/day. I dont want to sound like a salesman but it was easy and great and minimal human contact (not sure if I can post links here, but just add .com) I will post something happy as well: I had a lovely date with a lovely Portuguese girl on Friday, and she is coming over on Friday to taste my carbonara
  13. try to go to Formula Drift "if" you are into cars, really great race and you can go upclose to cars, ask questions and so on Also if you want to rent a car silvercars is neat, brand new audi A4s with wifi and leather seats. I was there last easter, greatest 2 weeks of my life
  14. brb off to shag some young lass, I want to run the world too
  15. Lycra_Is_Gay