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  1. Good to see the riding The editing style's still a bit strange to me though. The line involving the skinny wall was weird, you looked like you were going to sidehop, then cut to a different shot of the almost sidehop and then to a cut to a tap up it? You obviously have the skills to make a great riding video, that's what I'm waiting to see.
  2. Awesome, still making those taps look easy
  3. I'll answer these questions on Mike's behalf. I reckon that Mike's videos are about Mike, they're for Mike and people that know/like Mike, and Mike's making videos of parts of his life and sharing them on the internet. If insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result then I'm afraid you're all insane for clicking on a Mike Beck video and not expecting posing, cuts to black and pointlessness. If people aren't on board with the Mike Beck™ brand then they don't have to watch, right? He warned us by saying he didn't have his bike with him so let's not get worked up over nothing and just sit back, relax, and watch other people's holiday videos.
  4. Awesome, I love that curbs seem to always get included in Ali C videos and they get better each time
  5. Some absurd stuff in here, although can can lander stuff is a little meh
  6. I now know why most of the fakieing down stairs clips I've seen have been on full sussers, and helmets are really cool too.
  7. Amazon Prime having pay for movies in amougst the other movies, and writing 'watch instantly with Prime Video' but the then seeing they mean watch instantly after you pay. What a stupid way of doing things, there I am thinking I'm getting to watch in movie with a subscription plan only to go off elsewhere on the internet to find it...
  8. So happy to see something more than Instagram clips from him, been waiting for an edit and this didn't disappoint at all
  9. But those silver chainstays on the black frame Maybe that was the first Limey though. I could never afford the bikes I wanted when I started riding, and as a result I remember having a library of dream bike pictures saved to my PSP. Can't remember the last time I lusted after a seatless bike now but ten years ago the Atomz Premier, Yaabaa Stinger and white Ashton's were the subjects of my affection.
  10. Insane riding, I could just do without the tackiness to it but that seems to be his style. I'd much rather see a solid three minutes of riding than all the riding through an office type stuff.
  11. I've wanted to make a good ol' fashioned trials bike riding video for a while now, at least something a bit more than a clip show. I had a solid weekend of managing to go riding for a few hours both days and actually managed to get a fair amount of clips I'm reasonably happy with. I feel like it's been lame since youtube started copyrighting songs but I'll do something with these clips yet.
  12. That was awesome, really liked the face pace and the angels were all on point
  13. The editing pains me, it's a good sidehop and all but I feel like I was watching black screens and having your name chucked at me more than anything.
  14. Fakies I learned by doing them really slowly - I went to a steep hill and just did trackstands until I was good at letting the bike role back a bit. From there it was just little by little until I could keep going for a while. Like dk2 said, when you get comfortable using pedal pressure to allow the bike to roll backwards you're on your way and it gets easier from there.
  15. Anyone else on here partial to a long days cycling too? Last year I was doing two 100 miles rides a month or so and been getting back into it with the longer days. I set a goal of doing a 200 miles within 24 hours ride just for kicks, my best is 153 miles but that was knowing the route by heart in perfect conditions. Any long distance tales or tips?