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  1. Awesome riding, and now I'm listening to the Bloodhound Gang becuase it's been too long
  2. First rides after an op are terrifying, glad it went well for you. My trick was setting goals before going out, I knew if I didn't I would keep trying to go higher or spin more so it was a case of 'today I'm going to spin 180 degrees and go home at that point'
  3. Awesome, good read Can't believe I didn't bump into you both at any point, I was riding that weekend an almost identical route - still yet to bump into a trials rider in London (or this decade actually...)
  4. Awesome as usual, but really that wheel fold's what you get for gaps to grass
  5. Jesus what a thread. Thinking about James Gunn being fired from Marvel Studios for his thirteen tweets makes me think some of those guys are lucky they're not directors...
  6. Great video - and, in a nice way, really cool to see you're still at it! Crazy to think it's over 10 years since I was examing photos of you on Trashzen
  7. Trials still exists does it? Good to see a well filmed and edited group video out. That gap to stoppie was sweet, none of that hopping around on the front business.
  8. What Mark said - I was in exacty the same situation as you a few years back. I got incredibly depressed about riding, disloacte, recover, get good again, disloacte, recover, get good again... After the surgery though I took my sweet time recovering and doing the excersises every day. I think it was just over a year before I started trials again but I haven't had a problem since (besides being a bit precious about my shoulders when I'm riding). And the good news is joints stiffen up as you age, that's something 18 year old me didn't appreciate but it seems to be working out for me. Now what you shouldn't do it tear your ACL ligament, avoid that as mucho possible
  9. That's a pretty ridiculous tricks per minute ratio you got there
  10. You probably won't get a tonne of help here, this is forum for push bike trials rather than the motor kind - good luck with the bike though, I prefer the simplicity of a push bike personally
  11. You mean you haven't seen the Mike Beck video thread? You're missing out on some top notch stuff
  12. Last week for anyone to have a go at this. I said I would and technically I have, left my cameras on a train so my intention of making a better one of looking pretty far fetched at the moment. This was the attempt though, already posted in Instagram thread.
  13. I think quite a few were on Vimeo but this is the only one I've found, and Andy T's Vimeo videos are a gold mine anyway
  14. Wow, Danny Mac must have tagged a load of celebrities to April 2009 I try not to be too negative about people self promoting, I kind of get it, but working on promotion more than content drives me crazy. I mean getting an audience member to film a demo from a curb for content is just lazy. It's like how Youtube used to be a pretty cool and creative website but as soon as everyone started making a tonne of money from it it just becomes a cess pool of talk show videos, capital letters and cleavage in thumb nails. Not sure where I'm going with this so I'll just leave it there...
  15. My wee camera case with my Sony and action camera seems to have rolled out of my bag when I was on a train last weekend... Can't find the thing anywhere, public transport lost property is pretty useless and I'm basically giving up on it after spending a few hours pulling my room apart. Just annoyed at myself for this one gosh darnit. Neither were especially valuable probably £300 total a few years ago but I like them both.