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  1. Feeling pretty stuck in terms of living situation at the moment. I'm still renting a room in London but have been back with my family for most of the lockdown, the problem now being said family. My dad and sister have really offended me in pretty deep ways recently so I'm tempted to go back to London now, the problem there is none of my friends are in London for the foreseeable future and the office is looking to be shut for the next few months at least, so there's no benefit there besides getting away from my family. I really just want to to talk to my ex-girlfirend at the moment but she's cut off all contact, so it's really like the life I was enjoying before lockdown just isn't there anymore. Work situation really sucks right now, although I know that's a petty thing to complain about when other people are way worse than me in that regard. Stilll, ploughing through a days work without the usual end of day stress relief stuff is lame. Also, notifications are no fun. Having a hard time adapting to the virtual living mentality, before I could seperate time by working in an office, but now it's feeling like life is a stream of emails and notifications. I've been getting better at using flightmode and things like that more often, have to say I resent it. I miss the days of being excited when I had a notification on my phone.
  2. Oh and that's not me avoiding race stuff, just didn't want to inject something else in the midst of that. Thought I'd clear that up before I have a job interview in 5 years and I'm asked 'so what did you mean by "avoiding race stuff"?'
  3. Sounds rough, but congratulations. Hope things are looking better now and you've had a chance to see them both. Quoted this in the happy thread to avoid the race stuff
  4. Nuts. Not many videos leave me yearning for a mod but that one certainly did.
  5. I consider intermediate to be when a rider has most of the techniques down, so taps, moves to front, a few spins and maybe hooks, are all fairly consistant at a comfortable height. I think the difference between intermediate and expert is then adding height that's over bar height and also just the degree of comfort on a bike. When I've watched pro level competition riders my take away has always been how comfortable they are backhopping on a narrow object, how comfortable they are going for an 8ft gap and jumps up to higher obstacles. That's my thought process for 'purer' trials, when it comes to the street stuff I think the pro guys are those that can come up with a million little varitiaons of all kind of moves of a simple set up, and, again, how natural it looks when doing it.
  6. Get ready for a minor level angry post. My mum has never been a cook, my meals growing up were 9/10 microwaveable. Now that I've been back this hasn't changed but she insists on making me one anyway despite me saying I will make my own later, I for off the dinner at 5:30 train a while ago anyway. Still, I come in the kitchen and there's a plate for me and I just have to ask why because obviously I can put the plastic container in the microwave for five minutes because obviously she knows I'll have to reheat it because I'm just not hungry at 5:30. I have voiced this numerous times and still each day I am obligated to reheat a microwaved meal that was made three hours earlier because it's either that or throwing it in the bin. Last night I said the same thing, 'no dinner for me this week, please, mother'. I have a pizza that I am very fond of and all day while I was working I was thinking at least I have the pizza to have later on. This lockdown thing has been a struggle for me, I have an ankle injury so even letting off any steam has been difficult and stressful. My girlfriend of four years called things off last month which I am very bitter about but oh well because I have a bloody pizza I'm going to make later. So, goodness gracious me, I hae to say my heart sank when I say a plate of microwaved spaghetti on the counter for me, I guess the I'll try again with the pizza tomorrow. And I want to see a history text book in twenty years where this is the kind of thing that's quoted when they talk about the public enduring corona virus guidelines.
  7. Great video, really enjoyed the edit and you got a sympathy jump out of me from that skid fall in the pool thing.
  8. That was awesome, the cheese wasn't over bearing and the riding was insane. I do feel like I'm living a very holistic life now after seeing that house though.
  9. Y'all have been pranked - I was trying to bring back the white text thing that people used to do years ago back into style - bloody classic.
  10. Has anyone actually tried injecting disinfectant into lungs? We'd feel pretty stupid if that worked and the only reason we weren't doing it was because of what "scientists" are telling us. Just wanted to bring the TF IQ down a bit. Also, is the whole white text thing still cool or a bit too 2006?
  11. Been working at home for 4 weeks now and my manager is driving me crazy, not having enough space to separate work from my own time is getting to me now, it's like nowhere is safe from his presence anymore.
  12. I stopped trials riding a few weeks back because of this, my luck with injuries isn't something I think I should potentially burden the NHS with. Now that we're coming into summer and daylight's going to get longer I reckon we'll need more restrictions to prevent that kind of thing.
  13. A guy at work's sister tested positive so I'm just being cautious for now, no one in the office has had symptoms but I don't want to be a super spreader when it's easy enough to keep to myself for a while.
  14. I started self-isolating this weekend so just trying to make the most of that recently. I've refrained from any panic buying but have stocked up my cupboard rather than buying food almost every day, got a lot of laundry done too so that's a tiny win. I have found the whole thing to be pretty stressful, from watching other countries facing it, to realising it was over here, to speculative office discussions and now finally deciding to stay in my room as much as possible. I'm finding it hard to not get caught up in the thousands of articles and news things but I reckon it's doing me more harm than good now. Just going to try and get as much work and little indoor projects done as I can. I have found my thoughts spiralling a lot thinking about what might be different when it's all said and done, wondering if cinemas will be something kids read about in history textbooks and all that... Who knows though.