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  1. It's nuts how he just keeps going and going, can't think of anyone else that rides like that
  2. If you're a fan of James McAvoy's acting defintely watch Split, I'd say it's the best of the three by a pretty big margin. The more I've thought about Endgame the more I've liked it, time travel always gives me a bit of a headache but I think they did it really well. The smaller character bits are what really stuck with me, don't want to go into spoilers too much but the military base section was great. The hulk I do agree with though, even if they showed how that came to be I could have got on board with it but the u-turn from the previous version to the selfie version was a bit lame.
  3. I don't think us seatless stunt bike forum posters get to make those comments
  4. I'm sick to death of all the Instagram trials clips when it goes into slow motion. Every bloody one.
  5. Avengers Endgame is rad, if you're going to go see it don't check IMDB or anything though
  6. Aye, bench line was sweet, and I'd pay good money for a small percentage of your front wheel bravery if that kind of thing was transferable
  7. Niiice, wI always get a lovely sense of second hand satisfaction watching a nice ol' tap
  8. So much one wheeled goodness in that, blows my mind that's the level of video you're knocking out in an afternoon. Could have used some edgier music though
  9. Me and my dad were in a car accident this morning, he was driving but there was nothing he could have done to avoid it, just a 17 year old who decided giving way isn't necessary when a car is coming. We're both pretty fine, got checked over, stiff necks and that's pretty much it but the thing that really riled me up is the builder who drove past in his van and did the ol' wanker hand motion at me and the guy pushing the girls car out of the road. He didn't know everything was fine, just abusing people who've had the bajesus knocked out of them for no reason other than it slowed his journey down by a minute.
  10. Work time is strictly TF and Reddit since they kind of blend in on my screen, and then phone data is for special occasions with my whopping 250mb a month. No shade intended
  11. Ha, cheers. I'm not much of a social media person but just post anything onto Instagram. I love them both but this fox was something else, I won't let it taint my view of these magnificant creatures though.
  12. I decided not to use them and washed them with disinfectant wipes when I got home No sign of rabies so far so far but my sense of smell and foraging seems heightened.
  13. So I'm out on a night ride at the moment, about an hour an a half away from home. Basically what happened was a fox started squaring up to me. I asked it to leave me alone but it went for my bag instead and tried to steal my earphones I'd left on top. I ran after the thief but they were in it's mouth for a good 3 seconds before it decided to abandon mission. So the question is, silent journey home or risk a bit of rabies?
  14. This whole Liam Neeson race row thing... I feel like so many people are missing the point, all these headlines asking if what he said was racist are asking the wrong question. Going out looking to kill a black man based on the actions of one is almost defintely racist, from my point of view anyway, but admitting him confessing this and judging his past self for it is the key part. I'd be lying if I've never had a 'racist' thought - a few weeks ago I saw some McDonalds employee's have a knife shoved up to their necks because they weren't making a cheese burger fast enough and I'll admit that when I see someone who looks and acts like the man that did that some of those thoughts come across my mind. I don't think I, or anyone else, should be shamed for admitting to having had those thoughts when it's in the realms of realising that it's flawed logic. If somoene acts on those stupid thoughts or they start seeping into that person's behaviour then by all means let's condemn that person. Unless thoughts and actions are inseperable now... Obviously going out angry and looking to kill someone based on their skin is wrong but the reaction to it makes me feel like society's moving in a direction where mistakes and lapses in judgement aren't allowed - no second chances, no time for reflection or growing, you just are your mistakes. It reminds me a lot of James Gunn being fired by Disney as a director because of controvertial ten year old tweets, is it just not possible that someone might have matured and even regretted their own actions? Or do people just need to be eternally punished for some bad jokes? And now I've just seen 'can Liam Neeson redeem himself' up on TV. Is that not what he's already done by recognising that 40 years ago he was acting out of prejudice?