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  1. Got given my one month's notice yesterday to get out the house I'm in - annoying, especailly because I'm off to Wales for a week so I lose that chunk of time to do viewings and all that. Checked Spareroom on the off chance I found something great that I could sort out quickly, and would you bloody believe it I did! But this is the Angry Thread, you fool. The ad was one where you have to have the paid Spareroom membership so I figured I basically paid to message about this room, got a kick reply, called the guy, great wee chat, sorted out a viewing time for tomorrow, and I thought to myself 'wowzas, my luck really has changed!'. One hour I had the feeling for, and then he called back to say they're taking the ad off Spareroom because they've changed their mind about renting the room out just now.
  2. Buying one kayak is like buying one shoe, I'm afraid. An inflateable kayak was my first 'proper paycheck' purchase. Used to love listening to an audiobook and floating around, until one day when it got punctured and I had to manically paddle back to land.
  3. That made me very nostalgic for my old commute around Lake Ontario. Compared to my London commute now, I do miss those wide American roads.
  4. I can believe it, sure does look nice though
  5. The question about coming to terms with not competing with your younger self was a big one for me. When I was 18 I had issues with hypermobility in my shoulders, so after subluxation issues, I had an operation, and I spent about two and half years not riding trials over a four year period. Then I tore my ACL, had it reconstructed, had it rupture again... I'm 26 now and can't say my riding's progressed much at all besides maybe trying to be a bit more stylish as opposed to yanking the bike around. So progressing stopped being a priority for me when I was 22/23, I'd spent enough time recovering from injuries to realise my priority was to not being in a state of recovery over pushing my riding in a more competitive sense. That kind of works for me though, I've always been a rider who spends a few hours at the same spot and faffing around with low-level stuff anyway. I did find that shifting some of that 'need for progression' energy to another hobby helped, so I've gotten more into music over the years which has the safety blanket of being almost immune to being affected by any trials injuries. My motivation for trials dwindles a fair bit, if I don't fancy it I can go a month without touching my bike which is something 14-year-old me couldn't have imagined, but I'm been of the mindset that if it's not fun then take a break. Riding's always been about rolling around for the most part so I have a road bike with flat pedals and MTB bars that I ride a few times a week, I get a kick out of going for long-distance rides too, so I've found a good middle ground where I'm still riding trials but have another bike to take it easier on, or harder if I'm feeling competitive with myself I can shift that focus to going to long distance rides. Saying all of that, I got a lot of trials motivation from the plans of making a video. I haven't put together an edited video in years now but I live in the hope of making a 'Video 4' (as I'm sure everyone will remember, Video 3 came out in 2011). I did put together an edit last year that I just didn't upload anywhere because I wasn't happy with the difficulty of the clips. I like having a little something hanging over me to make sure I get out more often, trials is still the thing I get the most endorphins from and it's the guaranteed mood lifter, mechanical issues excluded.
  6. Nice, rear brake mounts on the underside like that sure do look tidy
  7. 100k subscribers TF's first celebrity?
  8. Here I am getting a positive corona test when things are starting to liven up again. I did a random test for one of those general surveys and got the results back when I was sat in the office. I was pretty knackered over the weekend, but I did a 150 mile bike ride on Friday so I'm going to go with me being asymptomatic. Just a bit gutted my self-isolation timer ends at midnight of the bank holiday next week.
  9. Me too, figure I'm squeezing the rear brake a lot harder because I'm not cool enough to do up to fronts accurately I always go for gloves that have just a little padding along the callus zone. Foam grips were good too but my hands are just too sweaty to not be wrapped up.
  10. I started using Coinbase a month ago to see what the fuss is - put in £150 split between Bitcoin, Etherium and Chainlink, and 6 weeks later it's gone up to £230 so I believe that I may be a financial genius.
  11. Stuck working from home about 3m away from builders on the roof outside my window hammering and angle grinding away. I'd have taken the day off if the neighbours gave us a heads up... At least tomorrow's my first day back in the office.
  12. Saw a girl split part of her neck open by crashing into a bench along Embankment yesterday, got to call an ambulance and everything. The girl seemed surprinsingly fine given how hard she smacked into it, I was pretty worried at first because she managed to break the wood of the bench and it looked like she'd impaled herself for a second. The happiness for me is that, after all this working from home, at least I have a tale for my team's virtual coffee morning.
  13. I liked it a lot more too, having been very iffy about his other DC movies I'd be excited to hear that his cut gets a sequel, apparently his cut isn't canon though...
  14. I remember reading Trashzen and then rushing out in the hopes I'd get better if it was fresh in my mind. Sad to hear this, he sure helped a lot of riders get into trials more.
  15. Yep, and I still remember you closing my thought provoking topic so don't think you're off the hook yet. So I guess in other words, no, I don't have a grasp on astronaut/orbital maths.