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  1. I can't really think of a parralel for myself which surprises me, I think the most similar is that every now and again I will love a contemporary dance video when 97% of the time dancing ain't for me. Can't say I agree with your stance on pop music though, that's my main take away here
  2. The drama ensued today when a neighbor told his wife there's footage. The culprit then went to the neighbor to see what had been recorded and roughly says "oh no, what have I done? There's a video of me throwing an egg, and I remember that I did. There was a fox chasing a cat, so I went to my bin so I could throw an egg to chase the fox away." Now, if you know there's a video, you'd think you'd also know that it's not worth bringing in two fictional animals into this because obviously they're not on the film. He even throws the egg underarm for goodness sake. He's since come and apologised again to my parents profusely apparently and they're happy to leave it there now. I relayed the results of the TF survey and they were disappointed with the mixed results. Thank you all anyway.
  3. No damage, but my mum's worried about how the egg whites will affect the paint job long term based on what she's read on the internet... I lean closer to the do nothing camp too. The plot thickens here, neither him nor his wife drive, and it's rumoured alcohol might be a factor for that. He walks to the pub every evening and drinks for a few hours. Might just have been a drunken egg toss.
  4. My parents had some eggs thrown at their car, which was silly of the guy considering everyone in the neighbourhood has Ring doorbells, so we know it was him despite his cute walk around the block to try and throw us off the scent. We think this is because the past few weekends my parents have been making a lot of noise by having their driveway redone, a lot of angle grinding and having a digger and a compressor being used, so a guy losing his temper with that and throwing an egg doesn't seem insane. The question is, how do you proceed? Do you go to the police? Invite him for a street fight? Let us know on the poll - my parents have always respected the views expressed on TF so they'd appreciate your guidance.
  5. What's a UCI again?
  6. Awesome riding, big fan of the long videos (when compared to Instagram clips) and the music choices you use
  7. Awesome video as per usual, your videos are usually riding motivation enough as it is but having some Jeff riding too is icing on the cake
  8. Nothing really beats a well put together street edit, so many great lines.
  9. As above, hope she's doing better now, those out of the blue medical issues are scary.
  10. Got the ping. Two months ago I had Covid, last month I got evicted and had to panic move, and this month's ending with 10 days of self isolating again. Staying in one room really drains me out, hard to muster up the energy for working from home. I think I might be an idiot for being surprised more people weren't coming back into the office, I'd been going back the past two months and it was lonlier than anything. The whole dynamic of my job is so different given covid, still not really sure what to make of the world now, and this ping has really pissed me right off but I'm trying to hold onto my morals by having the app. What a faff the world has become.
  11. Looks great, and that Animal sticker gave me some flashbacks to ten years ago which was fun
  12. It's a banger people - thought I'd be used to your videos by now but I still find myself looking for brake cables sometimes...
  13. Got given my one month's notice yesterday to get out the house I'm in - annoying, especailly because I'm off to Wales for a week so I lose that chunk of time to do viewings and all that. Checked Spareroom on the off chance I found something great that I could sort out quickly, and would you bloody believe it I did! But this is the Angry Thread, you fool. The ad was one where you have to have the paid Spareroom membership so I figured I basically paid to message about this room, got a kick reply, called the guy, great wee chat, sorted out a viewing time for tomorrow, and I thought to myself 'wowzas, my luck really has changed!'. One hour I had the feeling for, and then he called back to say they're taking the ad off Spareroom because they've changed their mind about renting the room out just now.
  14. Buying one kayak is like buying one shoe, I'm afraid. An inflateable kayak was my first 'proper paycheck' purchase. Used to love listening to an audiobook and floating around, until one day when it got punctured and I had to manically paddle back to land.
  15. That made me very nostalgic for my old commute around Lake Ontario. Compared to my London commute now, I do miss those wide American roads.