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  1. Saw a girl split part of her neck open by crashing into a bench along Embankment yesterday, got to call an ambulance and everything. The girl seemed surprinsingly fine given how hard she smacked into it, I was pretty worried at first because she managed to break the wood of the bench and it looked like she'd impaled herself for a second. The happiness for me is that, after all this working from home, at least I have a tale for my team's virtual coffee morning.
  2. I liked it a lot more too, having been very iffy about his other DC movies I'd be excited to hear that his cut gets a sequel, apparently his cut isn't canon though...
  3. I remember reading Trashzen and then rushing out in the hopes I'd get better if it was fresh in my mind. Sad to hear this, he sure helped a lot of riders get into trials more.
  4. Yep, and I still remember you closing my thought provoking topic so don't think you're off the hook yet. So I guess in other words, no, I don't have a grasp on astronaut/orbital maths.
  5. Awesome video, and there was even a tape measure
  6. I have to admit, I think I'm at least 50% more sexist after using online dating apps.
  7. Glad he's doing better. Will he get given a vaccine or is it something were he needs to be doing a bit better off before that?
  8. Holy smokes
  9. Thanks for that, I'll need to figure out a way to wear my trials bike as a backpack and ride my roadie to get around all these
  10. That was top notch. I can tell it's a Flipp video when I have questions about how things are done
  11. Ended up watching Infinity War and Endgame again after this bump. Have to admit, Endgame still really gets me pumped up, and watching the Indian cinema reactions is still fun. In other news, saw St Frances on Netflix and thought it was pretty perfect, if you liked Fleabag I think you'd like it a lot.
  12. The Tower of Pisa has fallen over, there weren't enough tourists to hold it up. This is still my favourite lockdown joke.
  13. I remember being quite honoured to be quoted in someone's signature, think I was prouder of that than my GCSE results at the time.
  14. I only joined in 2008 and they were around for a few years. I guess you only miss something years after it's gone after all.
  15. Wait a minute... how long have we not had post signatures?