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  1. I stopped trials riding a few weeks back because of this, my luck with injuries isn't something I think I should potentially burden the NHS with. Now that we're coming into summer and daylight's going to get longer I reckon we'll need more restrictions to prevent that kind of thing.
  2. A guy at work's sister tested positive so I'm just being cautious for now, no one in the office has had symptoms but I don't want to be a super spreader when it's easy enough to keep to myself for a while.
  3. I started self-isolating this weekend so just trying to make the most of that recently. I've refrained from any panic buying but have stocked up my cupboard rather than buying food almost every day, got a lot of laundry done too so that's a tiny win. I have found the whole thing to be pretty stressful, from watching other countries facing it, to realising it was over here, to speculative office discussions and now finally deciding to stay in my room as much as possible. I'm finding it hard to not get caught up in the thousands of articles and news things but I reckon it's doing me more harm than good now. Just going to try and get as much work and little indoor projects done as I can. I have found my thoughts spiralling a lot thinking about what might be different when it's all said and done, wondering if cinemas will be something kids read about in history textbooks and all that... Who knows though.
  4. Was only shop number 4 for me me where I could get toilet roll yesterday, and then part of me thinks I bet start stockpiling if that's the case, so then I'm facing the conundrum of whether to be a dickish stockpiler or a dirty bum model citizen.
  5. Work is going nice and terribly at the moment. Turns out the company restructure last year was as deceiving as I optimistically hoped it wouldn't be. My role has been changing really vaguely and more works being moved out of my team today - probably time to get involved and argue it more but ultimately I know me and my eight team members are the disposable part in all this. Bloody stressful though, and our new manager is basically a caricature of an office worker that desperately wants to project 'I'm so alpha male'. It's like he watches youtube tutorials for how to intimidate subordinates but he hasn't realised that the person writing the script being read in the Microsoft Voice voice is a 14 year old whose dad is assistant to the regional manager. Oh and he sells model trains on eBay to young Austrian boys on Facebook, I'll mention that too just for fun.
  6. @US_BenR, that sucks, and I know looking for jobs while living in your parents house is a chore in itself... Hope you've had some luck with the job search since Wednesday.
  7. There's definitely a pretty good 2 minute video in there, especially after you cut everything out that isn't weed dodging
  8. Really enjoyed that, good to see some proper lines rather than single spins.
  9. Sweet, even made me consider riding at night time again
  10. The point has been reached where I'm sitting upstairs on TF, that's when I know I've had enough of Christmas day
  11. Awesome stuff, the hook ET was niiice. Sensing the edit part was over and cutting to that drop for ending bails had me scared, I wouldn't have been trying that again
  12. Good to see the riding The editing style's still a bit strange to me though. The line involving the skinny wall was weird, you looked like you were going to sidehop, then cut to a different shot of the almost sidehop and then to a cut to a tap up it? You obviously have the skills to make a great riding video, that's what I'm waiting to see.
  13. Awesome, still making those taps look easy
  14. I'll answer these questions on Mike's behalf. I reckon that Mike's videos are about Mike, they're for Mike and people that know/like Mike, and Mike's making videos of parts of his life and sharing them on the internet. If insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result then I'm afraid you're all insane for clicking on a Mike Beck video and not expecting posing, cuts to black and pointlessness. If people aren't on board with the Mike Beck™ brand then they don't have to watch, right? He warned us by saying he didn't have his bike with him so let's not get worked up over nothing and just sit back, relax, and watch other people's holiday videos.
  15. Awesome, I love that curbs seem to always get included in Ali C videos and they get better each time