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Linear slic or just slic?


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Linear on back, regular on front. In my experience decent mtb ones are good for the front. XTRs can be flexy is long, but soooo lush to pull with. Even if not doing spinbar moves, the stiffness of the linear will help with overall stiffness, surprisingly? :P Even if you just run the outer, a decent stainless cable will be fine once lubed. Some come with teflon coatings and such, but aren't worth it imo as before the cable degrades you'll be switching them out for safety reasons.

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was thinking of Lin SLICs front and back - so back for definate if theyre stiffer as i dont have a dedicated rear cable guide so this will be pretty helpful. i used to run XTR cabling on an old mtb, brakes felt really solid - recommended then?

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