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Beginner need advice


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Firstly Hi :)

Ok so i am currently riding a long time owned mountain bike that has 24 inch wheels, but would like to get a trials bike. Recently i have been wanting to get either a bmx or a trials bike and keep switching between the two, but i thought it out and decide that a trials bike would be more suitable to the area i live (parks and forests). Now but what i dont know is what size to get , i have done a little research and know that there are 20,24 and 26 inch bikes. since the bike i currenlty own is quite heavy i would think the 24 inch wont be so bad, but what im worried/confused about is does the size of the wheel, effect the height/distance you can hop/jump. i currently need to save up some more money but i was interested in the Inspired Brand, and liked the Flow 24 inch.

Could you give me some advice and guidance please ? btw i think i am roughly 5'6 -5'7 tall considering my age (17), about 60kg (mainly muscle)


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Pros and cons to both 20 and 26 kinda balances out... I've been led to understand that 24 is a bit of best-of-both-worlds. Being in the average/shorter range a 24 might well be perfect for you. My vote is always go for what looks fun. It won't last forever, then you can try something else if you want.

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Hi mate. im the same size as you and ride a 26" Inspired. I used to ride a 20" onza. I can hop up and gap the exact same size stuff on both bikes so don't be worried about wheel size, its skill and leg power that gets you up n over things. if you are used to 24" then stick with that if you want. I think I shall be moving to 24" in the near future as it will be cheaper to buy a new bike than to build the one I want.

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Ok thanks for both of your advice, I recon I will get a 24 inch, as I've got used to the size, I guess I will learn, I'm seeing it as an investment so should last me a while, 24 inch would be the best of both trials and bmx so , gonna start saving up , btw does anyone know any trusted shops that I could purchase the bike from, I've heard a lot about tartybikes are they any good?

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